5 Excellent Free PDF Scanners for Android

The high-resolution cameras on our smartphones are being put to a myriad of useful purposes today. We’re even at a point where if manufacturer support for the scanner you’ve been using for years fails to keep up with operating system upgrades, you can forget it and use your smartphone instead.

An Android PDF scanner for a phone or tablet can provide the scanning functions for which you used to have to rely on having a desktop scanner. They enable you to quickly scan any paper document and convert it to a PDF file. You’ll have digital records of receipts, forms that you’ve had to complete, and all sorts of paper documents that take up unnecessary physical space. You’ll find it faster and many scanners now available even have OCR support. Best of all, you’ll be able to find a free Android PDF scanner to meet your needs.

The applications scan documents and export them to industry-standard PDF format and, in most cases, pages can be added or deleted. You can save files to or access documents from cloud facilities from the application, which also provide enhancing and trimming functions. Some of the best on the market include the following apps.


Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

Be super-organized – whether for work or school – with Microsoft Office Lens at your fingertips

Office Lens will convert images to editable Word or Powerpoint files text, saving you time and work both in the office and in the classroom. Capture a picture of the whiteboard at meetings or lectures. Use Onenote or OneDrive options to collaborate on project development with team members. Or, share ideas or roughed out designs.

Working in tandem with OneNote, Office Lens provides your smartphone with a fast, efficient scanner, enabling you to store your scanned documents, receipts, business cards, etc. and have them available any time you need them.

Just install and run the app, checking the permissions required, select the image type from the Photo, Document or Whiteboard buttons at the bottom of the screen, and use the default viewfinder to capture the image. In the case of Whiteboard or Document, the app automatically frames the image. If further cropping is needed when the preview is displayed, use the Crop icon, then tap Done. Check the option on the Save screen to save the file as an image, PDF, OCR for Word, PowerPoint or to OneNote or OneDrive. Microsoft Office Lens requires Android 5.0.



Download Here


Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Powerful Adobe Scan PDF scanner that automatically saves text as OCR

Turn anything you like into an Adobe PDF with Adobe’s Android PDF scanner. Notes, receipts, whiteboards, etc. can all be retrieved in full or part for reuse from the saved PDF and from photo scans.

Using Adobe Scan:

  • Capture – the app’s image technology automatically detects edges, recognizes text and sharpens the image.
  • Enhance – easy to use tools let you preview, reorder, rotate, crop and adjust tone and color.
  • Reuse – get a high-quality PDF with text that can be copied and pasted elsewhere.
  • Scan anything – scan and save receipts, notes – even multi-page documents anytime, anywhere with a simple tap.
  • Find text – the app automatically finds text in your images to turn into reusable content.
  • Contacts – extract business card info and save to your address book simply by scanning the card.
  • Save – you can upload your PDFs to cloud storage for immediate access and sharing anytime or read, highlight and/or add comments when you open it in a PDF reader.

In addition to editing functions, Adobe Scan can give you access to such document services as converting to Microsoft Word or form filling and signing. Android 5.0 is required.



Download Here


Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

Smart algorithm and fast processing capabilities in a portable scanner

CoolMobileSolution’s free Android PDF scanner creates industry standard multiple page PDF files so that you can change, add new pages and delete pages.

You can scan any kind of document and export it to PDF or scan any document and immediately email it. Fast Scanner really is fast, has image editing options to improve clarity and provide extractable OCR text. Upload your files directly to cloud storage – Dropbox, Google or OneDrive – or fax them using CoolMobileSolution’s EasyFax application.

Fast Scanner’s clean interface provides menu tabs at the top of the screen and the relevant tool buttons at the bottom. Just scan, edit and save or share really fast. It’s compatible with Android 4.1 and up.



Download Here


CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

World’s No. 1 scanning and sharing application

There’s a worldwide consensus on Camscanner being a highly preferred Android PDF scanner. Millions of installations around the globe tend to support this INTSIG Information claim.

Scan anything and export it to PDF and you can tag, store or share it on social media. You get access to cloud printing, to fax capability, and you can even set a password for viewing the files you create.

CamScanner is easy to use and has all the features you need to create both JPG and PDF files with OCR text:

  • Quickly digitizes anything
  • Optimizes the scan – smart cropping, resolution, and color
  • Provides extractable OCR text
  • Enables sharing on social media, cloud or email and access to AirPrint and fax
  • Advanced editing to add watermarks and annotations
  • Searching made easy with tagging
  • Encryption for security for storing and sharing
  • Access to sync capability

CamScanner’s very intuitive user interface and editing features give the app the edge over other Android PDF scanners. Several versions of your scan enable you to improve appearance with precise cropping and lighting adjustments.



Download Here


Clear Scan

A small app for fast, one-touch high-quality scanning anytime

From IndyMobile App, Clear Scan provides you with a mini pocket scanner for quickly scanning anything from bills and receipts to magazine articles and class notes. Its fast processing speed saves you time; the fast OCR time results in quick access to text for reuse or sharing; and fast uploading to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SkyDrive or Evernote place your scan where you can easily find it again.

This Android PDF scanner has useful organizational functions – convert your scans to PDF or JPG and create files and folders for storing, reordering and management of your work. Automatic border detection and straightening, along with a bright, clear image, enable easy reading and accurate OCR, while photos can be fully enhanced with a set of professional editing tools and filters.

Clear Scan is a very small app in terms of size but packs a large variety of features. You can set page size, email specific pages of a document, search text and print via cloud services for example, and there’s even Backup and Restore in case of accidental loss or file deletion. Android 4.2 and up is required.



Download Here

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