5 Free Backup and Cloud Storage Apps for Android


Android devices have limited storage space when you take into account your photograph and video options today. SD cards used to be the answer but they can be expensive, might get lost, damaged or destroyed. Additionally, with the advent of cloud storage, many phones no longer even have an SD slot.

Free cloud storage for Android apps are offered by a number of cloud storage providers, and these apps are constantly being updated. Automatic photo uploading and productivity tools are fast becoming standard features. Files are safe from the loss or damage that’s always a possibility when they are kept on your phone or tablet. Uploading photos and videos to cloud storage frees up memory on your phone.

The various features of the following five free cloud storage apps for Android provide details to help you make a choice on where to store your files.


Microsoft OneDrive

Preview or share your photos wherever, whenever…

Free cloud storage for Android on Microsoft OneDrive means not only having all the files on your phone or tablet safely backed up to cloud storage but having access to Office mobile apps, too. You can access and work on your files from anywhere.

  • Open and save files on OneDrive in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Automatic tagging makes photos easy to find
  • Share documents, photos, and videos.
  • Immediate notification of editing of shared documents
  • Offline access to your files

Microsoft OneDrive Android app provides fast and easy uploading and quick preview and access to your files via a clean and simple interface. Files can be organized conveniently and you can set up a PIN to limit access. Navigation tabs are at the bottom of the screen.



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Amazon Drive

Upload from your Android device and preview from any device

Amazon Drive provides Prime members easy, free access to the files you upload to Amazon Drive where they are kept safe and secure. You can access them whether they were uploaded using the Amazon Drive app on your phone or any other device. Preview your photos, videos and documents, and link or attach them to email or text messages. Share them on social media. You can preview PDF files and Word documents in addition to image and video files.

Folders can be created on Amazon Drive and you can move your files between them, and search by either keyword or location, delete or rename files. They can be downloaded and moved to a folder on any device. The simple interface lists your files and folders, including their current state and Settings, the Main Menu and the Search tool are easily accessible from the menu bar at the top of the screen.



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100 GB Free – Degoo Cloud Drive

Top Secret – back up your photos to ultra-secure Degoo, and re-experience your memories

Offering 100 GB of space for you to securely store your encrypted files, Degoo Cloud Drive could be your first choice for free cloud storage for Android. Just download the app, sign up and in just a minute, you can start uploading. Here’s what you get:

  • Your personalized feed by which artificial intelligence is used to select your special interest photos so that every time you open the app, you’ll find photos to bring back memories.
  • Zero knowledge encryption, Degoo’s Top Secret feature, provides military-grade encryption and spreads your storage space across multiple servers so that nobody but you can ever access your files.
  • There’s no need to remember or key in a password – you access your account with Degoo’s smart sign in service.
  • Triple copies are made of your files.
  • Every photo you take with your phone camera is automatically backed up, stored and synced.
  • Stream your videos and music files in real-time.
  • Access your files from any of your devices. And restore them to any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Set up folders for your files in the clean and comprehensive interface, and a simple file viewer lets you quickly find and share them.

Degoo Cloud Drive is lightweight and requires minimal RAM, battery and CPU usage. Data transfer is unlimited and you can share files with any app that has https support.



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G Cloud Backup

Simple, safe protection for your data in a secure cloud location

Automatically backup everything from SMS messages and call logs to settings and documents and, of course, all your photos, videos, and music.

Just download the free G Cloud app, launch and sign up for an account with Email, Google+ or Facebook, then select what you want to back up. From there on in, it’s easy to consistently protect the contents of your phone. You can even organize your memories by creating a timeline to easily find any photo or video, and share them quickly and easily.

The G Cloud free cloud storage for Android app lets you backup SD cards, restore or migrate files to a new device with a simple tap and backs up every version of your files. Your easy to use home screen displays the storage space used, the percentage that’s being used for image and music files, provides the total number of files protected at any time and the number pending. There’s a tabbed menu bar at the top of the screen to access your Data and Gallery, and the G Cloud store. Your one-tap Run and Restore buttons are located at the bottom.



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pCloud: Free Cloud Storage

Backup automatically every photo and video you take

pCloud is a highly versatile backup and work sharing tool for both home and business users. Use it on any digital device and the app’s Rewind System will prevent you from ever losing a digital file again.

The free cloud storage for Android app gives you access to storage where five copies of your files are made and stored in different server locations. The pCloud Rewind tracks your file history so that you can recover from any error in a current file by accessing a previous version. Every file is automatically backed up.

You can access your pCloud account from any digital device and from any platform – and store files from any platform. Turn on auto-sync and all files across devices are updated. The user-friendly interface gives you easy access to your files on- and offline, file sharing and the capability to collaborate.



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