5 Fun and Fabulous Crossword Puzzles for Android

Gone are the days when we waited for the daily newspaper to be delivered so that we could get at the crossword puzzle. Today, we can challenge our brains anytime with a wide range of Android crossword puzzles which conveniently download to our phones. Your grandfather never would have believed it!

Crosswords are popular because they are entertaining and check out your vocabulary at the same time. The simple input method of the basic crossword puzzle lends itself to the development of digital applications, and has inspired many, many developers to create crossword puzzles of every possible variety. Pit your wits against these five free fun Android crossword puzzles.

Word Cross

Experience creative crossword games with a variety of boards

Word Cross provides a range of different word puzzles of the word scramble variety. There are more than 2,000 to challenge your brain. The first puzzles presented are easy but you progress to far more difficult levels.

Easy to play, Word Cross presents various patterns of squares and a selection of letters. You simply swipe the letters to find the correct words to fill the horizontal and vertical lines of the squares.

There’s a Shuffle button that lets you change the order of the letters and a Hints button which costs you coins. You earn the coins by purchasing them or watching videos, and you will also be awarded coins when you swipe words that aren’t included in the crossword. Daily bonuses are provided and you can play offline unless you have to resort to the Ask Friends button which, naturally, nets you some more coins.


Download Here

Word Connect – Word Games Puzzle

Word Connect to give your brain a workout

Word Connect is an Android crossword game that presents you with empty squares lined horizontally in three, four, five and six letter sets and a selection of letters. You swipe the letters in any direction to combine them for the required words.

Complete the initial fairly easy puzzles and progress through the various progressively more difficult levels (over 2000 levels!) continually earning coins. Bonus words earn you more coins. There are buttons for re-organizing the letters, purchasing hints with coins and asking friends. You can play offline and updates are free. There are daily bonus rewards to be collected, and you get 300 free coins just for starting to use Word Connect.


Download Here

CodyCross: Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles that are an adventure

CodyCross is a fun app that calls for both knowledge and imagination as you make your way through themed word puzzles that are designed to teach friendly space aliens about the Earth!

  • Progress through hundreds of levels as you explore different worlds.
  • Themes and genres matched to different worlds.
  • Test your knowledge, language skills and train your brain.
  • Power-up to disclose a letter if you get stuck.
  • Connect to Facebook to sync your progress across all your devices.
  • Offline mode available so that you can play anywhere, anytime.

The free Cody Cross Android crossword puzzle app presents in this space-themed adventure mode, but you can subscribe for other themed packs and challenge yourself to countless more puzzles.


Download Here


Themed anagram word puzzles that you just cannot stop playing

Wordscapes provides over 5,000 puzzles which start as simple-to-solve word searches, anagrams and puzzles and become progressively more challenging – think finding eight words out of only four letters! The beautiful destinations presented in the imaginatively themed Android crossword puzzle app will stimulate your mind.

With a premise of educating while entertaining the user, Wordscapes is easy to master in terms of how to play. Pop up hints help you along the way. There are helpful features such as the ability to scramble the given letters to spark ideas, and descriptions of the words targeted. Earn coins and receive encouragement in the form of positive statements as you complete puzzles. You use the coins you’ve earned to purchase hints and/or help when you get stuck.


Download Here

Crossword Puzzle Free

The digital version of the original crossword puzzle

The Android crossword puzzles from Redstone games presented in Crossword Puzzle Free are your basic square crossword puzzles with numbered clues. The nicely designed graphic user interface presents a thoroughly modern way for you to navigate through the clues and complete the puzzles at easy, medium and hard levels.

Settings are available to toggle sound effects and animations and a number of other appearance options as well as playing options such as locking correct words and showing a clock. Crossword Puzzle Free features include:

  • Smart Look Up – word suggestions for difficult clues.
  • Hints – unveil letters and words when you get stuck.
  • Smart Step – skip cells that are filled
  • Show Errors – highlight any wrong letters.
  • Clear Errors – quickly remove incorrect letters.
  • Offline Mode – solve puzzles anytime

Exercise your brain every day with this engaging free crossword game app that is synced to enable access across your devices. New packs are available on a weekly basis.


Download Here

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