5 Handy Android System Information Apps


With our smartphones being akin to handheld computers nowadays, many people like to be able to have the same access to seeing ‘how things are doing‘ – just as they do with their computers. If you’re somebody who tends to wonder if you are getting what you’ve paid for, an Android Hardware and System Information application is just what you need. One of the following free apps will give you all the information you need about your device’s system and hardware to competently evaluate how well it’s working for you. Of necessity, they do require a range of permissions.


DevCheck Hardware and System Info

Accurate and well-organized system information

Devcheck monitors your device’s hardware in real time, providing you with all the available information on the CPU, GPU, memory, battery, network, camera, and operating system.

The interface has a menu bar featuring Dashboard, Hardware, System, Battery, Network, Apps, Camera and Sensors tabs with the window below displaying the respective information for each.

  • Dashboard – displays the status of the CPU and GPU, the SOC (System-on-a-chip info) and CPU temperatures, battery and memory usage levels, sleep and uptime. All are clickable. Clicking on temperatures will allow you to select exactly which temperature sensors you want to display.
  • Hardware – Shows you every detail on the device’s CPU, GPU, SOC, storage, memory, and hardware including Bluetooth. You even get the name and manufacturer of the chip, the processor cores, the big.LITTLE configuration and memory type. Bandwidth, resolution, storage capacity and more are all displayed.
  • System – Displays all system information and can check root, KNOX status and more.
  • Battery – Real-time battery status, temperature, health, current, voltage, current, and capacity.
  • Network – WiFi and cellular connections, IP addresses, phone number, and connection information.
  • Apps – Lists all the apps and services running and their current memory usage.
  • Camera – Displays specs for the front and back cameras including resolution in megapixels, pixel size, sensor size, aperture, RAW capability, aperture, focal length, focus and flash modes, image format, JPEG quality, etc.
  • Sensors – All the device’s sensors and the relevant information for each of them is shown with real-time graphical displays accessible for such sensors as accelerometer, light, step detector, gyroscope, and others.



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System Info for Android

Four tabs and a dashboard show you everything you need to know

System information for your Android phone is provided clearly and comprehensively by Electric Sheep’s System Info for Android app.

The DashBoard provides an immediate rundown of battery, internal memory, SDcard, RAM and Uptime.

The System tab provides clickable access to in-depth information on everything from the CPU to the OS, the battery, memory network, Wifi, etc. The Tasks tab displays the total CPU load and memory CPU load for each process, with each process being clickable for more information.

All your installed apps are shown on clicking the Apps tab, and they are stoppable and can be uninstalled from here. The LogCat displays all system logs and they can be saved to the SDcard.



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System Info Droid

Get Info, Tools, and Benchmark for true testing of performance

In addition to complete system, hardware and software information on your Android smartphone, System Info Droid lets you test its performance, instantly check live info via a widget on your home screen and share your stats.

Features that make System Info Droid the perfect Android System information application are:

  • Benchmark tool that features performance levels for hundreds of devices for you to compare your device’s performance
  • Ability to view and share CPU, WIFI, Mobile Networks, Battery, Storage, Screen, Camera, Sound Chip, RAM Memory, Temperatures, Sensors Cores, Graphics Chip specifications
  • RAM free up tool
  • Uninstall or copy the APK of your apps
  • Widget for CPU performance, RAM and temperature
  • 3 skin colors for custom good looks



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Great graphs provide highly comprehensive Android system information

Pacific Developer’s CPU X provides you with complete information on processors, cores, speed, sensors, cameras, etc. on your own and other Android devices and lets you share and discuss the information with others.

You can monitor all aspects of the device from a tabbed interface providing access to SOC, System, Network, Battery, Sensors, Features and Camera. Upload and download speeds display on the status bar, and a home screen widget gives you the immediate status of the device. Your data usage can be displayed on easy-to-read graphs.

In addition to finding the specs for other Phones, CPU X has informative articles and a question and answer forum. It’s a socially interactive hot-spot for discussing ideas and information related to Android technology.



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My Device

One-stop center for viewing the essential details on the system and hardware of your Android device

A powerful but simple application, My Device enables you to explore your device in depth by simply launching the application and tapping on one of the tabs on the clean, comprehensive user interface.

  • Device – get details on the brand, manufacturer and model, the board type, boot-loader, hardware, and screen resolution. Get your ID and serial number.
  • OS – find the OS version, release date, build ID, build type, and support status.
  • CPU – get the CPU model, port, variant, implementer, revision; see memory usage in graph view, view RAM usage and more.
  • Battery – see power source, voltage, battery type, status, level, temperature health.
  • Storage – internal and external storage details, used, free and total.
  • Network – connection status, network type, data type, IP address, MAC address, Link speed, SSID.
  • Camera – display all specs, megapixels, aspect ration, white balance, ISO, HDR, scene mode and more
  • Sensors – see all sensors with real-time readings, names, types, vendor, versions, resolution, power.
  • Features – check on all device features, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, camera flash, microphone, USB, printing, game sensors, audio output, app widgets and more.

A My Device Android system information application will also list all your user installed applications as well as your system apps.



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