5 Handy Caller ID and Call Block Android Apps


The frequent promotional calls or spam SMS messages you receive on your smartphone are the sources of endless annoyance. When you see that unknown caller message, the choice between ignoring the call and answering what turns out to be a just somebody trying to sell you something may be a difficult one in certain situations. There’s always the possibility of it being an important call being made from an unfamiliar number for a good reason.

An Android Caller ID app can help you to identify an unknown incoming call and block spam callers, messages, and robocalls. Caller ID apps identify callers included in publicly available databases and block your unwanted callers and telemarketers. Here are five free Android Caller ID and Call Block apps you’ll find the most useful.



Retain anonymity when you block phone calls and text messages

WhosCall is the first choice in Android caller ID apps for users around the world. Whether or not they are on your contact list, you can easily manage numbers in the clean and simple interface so that Whoscall can quickly identify spam and unwanted callers. While it accesses your contacts, its privacy policy promises to preserve anonymity.

Used as a directory, it will provide fraud protection and filter spam. It uses internet searches to identify callers as well as numbers contributed by its user community.

  • Identifies unknown callers so that you only need to answer the important ones
  • Blocks spam calls
  • Searches and tracks unknown numbers
  • Maintains offline database
  • Identifies public numbers of callers not on the internet
  • Allows blocking of caller at the end of a call
  • Enables keyword and selected numeral blocking



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Caller ID & Call Block – DU Caller

Access the largest phone number database in the world

Multi-lingual DU Caller identifies unknown callers with the help of the largest database of phone numbers in the world. The Android call block app will instantly hang up on any number you add to your blacklist, enable you to block calls with a single click, block numbers not in your contacts and all those nuisance international common and hidden spam callers. You are notified of blocked calls.

In terms of caller identification, the one-second number recognition displays the name, type, number, address, and operator, and an automatic warning in red notifies you of harassing calls. Unknown and spam SMS messages are automatically identified and dumped in a Junk SMS folder. You are provided with automatic or manual easy call recording and management, a history for the later retrieval of times and dates. You can also set up a secret contacts list that prevents logging of specific numbers, and you can access to the DUCallers huge database to find people by number in the case of unknown callers and numbers for people you want to contact.



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Should I Answer?

Protect yourself against unsolicited and often expensive unwanted calls

Save both time and money when Should I Answer identifies all those unsolicited calls and telemarketers. The Android caller ID app uses a database of numbers created from public phone numbers or provided by the user community, and from answered call information to rate and block calls. While it needs access to your contact list in order to identify incoming calls, your personal contacts remain private.

Caller ID Features
  • Immediate number display and rating when the phone rings
  • Offline rating database
  • Fast access to number information and to user reviews
  • Provide your own user review
  • Blocking Features
  • Negative-rated numbers blocked
  • Hidden numbers blocked
  • Numbers on your contact list are never blocked
  • Option to block all calls not on your contact list
  • Option to block overseas calls

Should I Answer launches to a summary screen listing enumerating the number of checked and blocked calls and messages and displays the application’s status. Menu bar tabs take you to log, blocking and rating screens. Settings can be changed or toggled off or on.



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Clever Dialer – spam caller ID

Automatically identify unknown phone numbers

The Clever Dialer Android caller ID app protects you from unwanted and spam callers without adding your private contact list to its server. You get real-time unknown caller identification via Clever Dialer’s database of numbers built from public telephone directories and internet searches. You are provided with a history of calls, a blocked caller function, a free call manager, and directory access to find local stores and services, etc.

Spam recognition is Clever Dialer’s chief mandate. Your incoming calls get checked against an extensive database of spam callers to which every user report is added so that it is as up to date as it possibly can be. And it gets updated every time you go online so that it is accessible whether or not you are online at the time of the spam call.



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Call Blocker

Avoid calls from people you don’t want to speak to, telemarketers and robocallers

The Call Blocker interface provides you with tab access to Blocking, Blacklist, and Log. Your options under blocking include options to check Private Numbers, Unknown Numbers and All Calls as well as access to your Whitelist which enables you to add numbers that you never want to block.

The Blacklist tab of the Android call block app lets you manually list the numbers of callers you want to block or add them automatically from your call logs and contacts, plus you have a Begins With option that lets you block a range of numbers.

All blocked calls are saved in your Log for you to view who has been blocked using this simple blocking application.



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