5 Handy Free Android Unit Converters

There are many unit converter apps available for Android devices. Some meet a wide range of conversion needs while others are targeted to users who require an application for regular use in converting specific more specialized units.

With our access today to worldwide markets, the various currencies and measuring systems around the globe necessitate a quick means of comparison with those that we use every day. An Android Unit Converter is a utility that every Android smartphone owner needs. Here are five of the handiest.


Smart Tools Unit Converter

Categorized sets of units for different daily requirements


Smart Tools Unit Converter’s UI makes comparison fast and easy

Designed for the casual user, the Android unit converter has a clean, uncomplicated user interface. The category menu bar at the top divides unit conversion needs into four categories. Clicking on any one provides tabs to access their sub-categories. Input and the drop down unit selection box display below this bar. Tap the required subcategory, select the unit to convert from the drop-down list, and the resulting conversion units are displayed in the main window.

  • Basic tab enables length, area, weight and volume tabs.
  • Living tab enables currency, temperature, time, speed, and sizes such as shoes and clothing tabs.
  • Science tab enables pressure, force, work, power tabs, and several more including torque, flow, current, and voltage tabs.
  • Misc. tab enables useful units of measurement like angle, data, fuel, cooking tabs and more.

Currency is set to the user’s country and language depending on the telecom carrier being used and a refresh icon is displayed on the menu bar when the currency converter is being used. The Settings menu, accessed from the drop-down menu, allows for four bookmarks (favorites) to be set up in each category for faster access.



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Unit Converter Ultimate

Simple, easy to use Android unit converter


Quick conversions for units needed at home, work and school

The clean and simple interface of the Unit Converter Ultimate provides for fast conversion of everyday units. Slide-in navigation (swipe or use the icon) provides drop-down menus that provide for category selection with a selection displaying all the units available alongside to and from buttons in the main window. The resulting conversion is shown at the top of the window.

Unit categories include currency, temperature, length, mass/weight, speed, area, cooking, pressure, power, energy, time, fuel, and digital storage. Settings provide for customizing grouping, decimal places, and separators, etc. Other handy features are long pressing a conversion to copy it to the clipboard and a swap floating action button to switch between units.



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Unit Converter

Smart, elegant tool for the unit conversion required in daily life


Wide range of unit categories

Unit Converter from Digit Grove is an Android unit converter app with a highly optimized user interface that makes everything from real-time currency conversion to equation solving quick and simple. Designed for everyone from students to top-ranking professionals, Unit Converter supports all Android devices in a range of languages and country-specific units of measurement.

  • Countless units in 44 categories
  • Real-time currency conversion supporting 162 world currencies
  • Offline currency converter
  • Smart tools including compass, bubble level, protractor, stopwatch and more
  • Scientific tools – battery monitor, equation solver, scientific calculator, etc.
  • Engineering tools – radiation, electrical resistance, capacitance, etc.
  • Built-in calculator
  • Unit Converter home screen widget
  • Financial and mathematical calculators
  • Time zone calculator

Unit Converter has a search function, batch conversion function, support for both metric and imperial measurement, favorites selection and support for Latest Material design.



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Wopnersoft Unit Converter

Very user-friendly Android unit converter with quickly accessible Favorites list


Quick view list of all conversions

The simple and intuitive user interface of the Wopnersoft Unit Converter makes converting any unit quick and easy. Categories are listed, and the resulting From, To and Result screen displaying on making a selection and clicking it needs no explanation. The many features include filtering of the main units list to display only those that are likely to be required and a favorites list for the regularly used ones. There is also a Quick List that displays all converted values.

The Wopnersoft Unit Converter has currency units for 60 countries, settings to completely customize the application and an easy to use Preferences menu everything from main list filtering to auto currency updating. The Android unit calculator does not display ads.



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Unit Converter Pro

All the most used measurement units


Many specialized categories, too

An Android unit converter application that provides many setup options, the Unit Converter Pro from Elkens Software provides fully customizable databases. All units and categories can be removed or added to for user convenience, and customized conversion tables can be printed out from every category. All the most-used units, i.e. length, area, mass, temperature, and volume are quickly available and the app can be set up to provide fast access for the many more specialized requirements of scientific, engineering and other professional unit conversion.

The many features include:

  • 79 unit categories
  • Currency rates updated daily
  • Filtering to remove unused units
  • Ability to add both user-defined categories and units
  • Customizable format for results screen
  • Customizable precision levels

Clicking a category on the interface’s initial screen brings up the workspace with input boxes to provide a display of other possible unit values in addition to the required result. A built-in calculator is available when needed and there is a useful search option.



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