5 Must-Have Apps to Customize Your Android Smartphone

A great thing about Android smartphones is the ability to very easily customize the device so that it reflects your own personality. Whether we’re talking screens, brilliant wallpapers, call flashes, keyboards, ringtones and more, there’s so much you can do to personalize your Android smartphone. Here are some of the free, easy to use apps you can download to get a quick start on making your phone truly reflect YOU!

Nova Launcher

A home screen that gives you control

Nova Launcher is considered to be just about the best Android launcher. Providing numerous options to totally customize your Android smartphone, it personalizes items from icons to animations and everything in between.

Nova’s huge advantage over other launchers is the great subgrid positioning. You can arrange your home screen and size your widgets to put everything at your fingertips exactly where they work best for you. You simply toggle off the snap-to-grid and place icons and widgets where you want them. Control color on backgrounds, labels, badges, drawer tabs, and folders. In fact, you can completely customize the App Drawer with custom tabs and effects, group widgets by apps and continuously scroll.

A backup and restore system provides a safety net if your changes don’t work for the way you thought they would. Back up your layout to the cloud and you can use it to set up on a new phone or switch between themes. The app is constantly updating, recently adding a search bar which can be configured for Google as well as Nova Settings as well as more customization tools for folders and icons including vertical and horizontal scrolling for folders.


Download Here

Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Wallpapers to inspire you every time you look at your screen

Walli is more than just a wallpaper app. It incorporates the creativity of artists all around the globe who can submit their designs for the developers to curate on a daily basis.

Easy to use, Walli presents the wallpapers in three main sections so that you can see at a glance those that are recommended, the most popular, and the most recent. Categorized, individual wallpapers can be liked and subsequently quickly found in your profile. You have the ability to sync your selected wallpaper across your other devices and even select the wallpaper you like to automatically shuffle at your own choice of frequency.

New wallpapers can be set up simply by tapping the wallpaper you want to use and selecting the ‘set as wallpaper‘ option. Wallpapers are all linked to artists’ profiles so you can find out more about them and use the links to their websites, social networks, etc. If you’re an artist yourself, you may even like to join the community and earn recognition and a share of earnings.


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Color Phone Flash – Call Screen Theme, LED

Customize your caller screen complete with an amazing colorful call flash

There’s nothing quite like being able to personalize your smartphone’s looks with a dynamic call screen and flash. Color Phone Flash is a free app providing free themes for when you’re notified of an incoming call or message, and creating LED flash alerts. The colorful app has lots of great features:

  • Choice of high-quality themes that cover the entire screen. Select from funny call screens, a love call screens and many more.
  • Blinking LED flash with a pattern that can be customized and integrated with a call screen theme.
  • Built-in call assistance to notify you of missed calls with them and flash set for specific contacts.
  • Cool ringtones that can be added to the call screen theme and flash alert.
  • Battery friendly app – low battery consumption.

Personalize your Android smartphone to set up a call screen theme and/or call flash for individual contacts with Call Phone Flash, and know by a flash of color or LED flash alert pattern who’s calling or who you missed.


Download Here

Wallpapers by Google

New wallpapers every day to match your personality and interests

A wallpaper app with home screen wallpapers, separate lock screen wallpaper and a new wallpapers auto-set, Wallpapers by Google has the advantage of being able to offer images from the Google Earth collection as well as from a number of quality photo collection partners.

Begin by setting your home and lock screen wallpapers by easily navigating between categories including Landscapes, Textures, Life, Art, and Earth. You can have different images if you have Android 7.0, or use the same one for both. You may even customize your Android smartphone using your own photos in addition to the range of possibilities provided by the app. Change them whenever you like. You can even set the app to provide a new image every day.


Download Here

iKeyboard – emoji, emoticons

Creative themes for your keyboard

iKeyboard lets you fully personalize your Android smartphone by customizing your keyboard from more than a hundred great themes which are regularly updated.

The app provides word prediction, smart correction, and additional features into the bargain. Make typing fun with access to hundreds of emoji, emoticons, and smileys!

  • Colorful, customizable themes, skins
  • More than 1200 emoji, emoticons, and smileys
  • Swipe-to-type feature
  • Search for stickers and animated GIFs
  • Hashtag search via social media including Youtube and Spotify
  • Auto-correction
  • Word prediction
  • Send emoji, stickers, GIFs, etc. from the app
  • Google voice option
  • Keyboard click options
  • 60+ languages supported, including English, German, French, Russian
  • QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, and PC keyboards
  • Split, tablet, and one-handed mode
  • Image keyboard for Android 7.1 available

Easy to use iKeyboard is a fun smartphone personalizing app that guarantees that you won’t get bored when you type.


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Ringtone Maker – Mp3 Editor & Music Cutter

Create your own MP3 ringtones anytime, anywhere

Making your own ringtones to match your mood is a great option to have on your phone. Free Ringtone Maker, compatible with MP3, WAV and other popular audio formats is a powerful app that enables you to very quickly record, edit, manage and share ringtones.

Personalizing your smartphone with your own ringtones is quick and easy with Ringtone Maker. Just select the music from your phone or record it – you can even record on the fly, select the area to cut and save it. The clip can be saved and set as a ringtone, music or alarm tone, or notification alert and you can easily preview your entire ringtone list.

The ringtone manager enables setting a clip as the default ringtone or assigning ringtones to different contacts, and you can share from the app.


Download Here

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