Free Android To-Do List Managers to Stay Organized

While literally crossing off the tasks listed on the traditional pen and paper to-do list provided – and still provides the most satisfying feeling of accomplishment, everything today has become so complicated that increased organization methods are often called for.

Managing your tasks on your desktop proved to be a useful way to organize your work, home, and school activities. However, the ability – provided by the smartphone – to have all your to-do lists with you all the time has become the favored means for organizing everything from conference schedules to shopping lists. Better still, today’s digital to-do lists let you create your lists and sync them across all your devices making them available wherever you happen to be.

There are many Android task and to-do list manager apps available that enable you to keep yourself organized and notify you about when and what you have to do each day. Here are five of them.

Microsoft To Do: List, Task & Reminder

Make lists, take notes, keep records, plan events, and set up reminders

Microsoft’s Android to-do list manager is considered the best of all to-do list apps by many people. Running on Windows 10, Android, and the internet, it can be shared on a range of devices and works on other Microsoft services.

Easy to use, Microsoft To Do is fully customizable in terms of appearance with a range of themes, dark mode, emoji, etc., and means of sharing and collaboration with friends, family members, or business colleagues.

  • List for every purpose – bill planning, shopping, reminders, taking notes, and more.
  • My Day, the daily planner, provides accessibility on any device, suggested tasks, sharing, note-taking, and management features for breaking tasks, topics, and projects down into manageable steps and group lists.
  • To Do widget lets you add tasks and reminders any time.
  • Task manager lets you personalize the appearance of your lists, set up reminders, switch between lists, and attach files to a task.
  • Microsoft 365 integration enables you to sync To Do with Outlook and create from other 365 services, add other Microsoft accounts and enjoy the security of 365 Hosting.

Microsoft To Do is a great tool to organize work, school, and home.


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Todoist: To-Do List, Tasks & Reminders

Your work/life/school organization mobile hub

You can keep organized with the Android task manager Todoist on your tablet, phone, and/or smartwatch. It handily integrates Google Calendar, Amazon Alexa, Gmail, and a lot more programs and services. Possibly the best app for staying organized on-the-go, Todoist has been developed to be especially functional for mobile use.

You’ll find all the power you expect from an Android to-do list manager – a lock screen widget, Plus button, Quick Add tile, a dedicated Assistant, and notifications. It is ideal for capturing tasks and ideas as soon as you think of them and reminding you of appointments and due dates. The app allows you to collaborate with colleagues by building Kanban style boards, assigning tasks to other people, prioritize steps within tasks and projects, track progress, and much more.


Download Here – To-do list, planner & calendar

Simple, all-in-one to-do list, planner, and calendar app is your go-to app for everything from to-do lists to reminders, from checklists to grocery lists. Getting organized with includes having an always-available to-do list and calendar.

The app’s calendar and daily planner includes a calendar widget, 3-day calendar, weekly calendar, agenda views, and side-by-side calendar and to-do list organization capability. Features include:

  • Daily planner with focus mode
  • Seamless syncing of all your calendars including Google, Facebook, and Outlook
  • Wide range of integration with operating and software applications and services
  • Reminders – one time, recurring, voice and location
  • Sharing and assigning tasks with family, friends, colleagues
  • All-in-one planner/calendar allows voice creation of items
  • Calendar and agenda integration for task management flow
  • Increased productivity with reminder access, file attachments, and notes

Share lists and tasks in real-time – even down to shopping lists, chat, and more any time and anywhere.


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Tasks: to-do list with sync, reminders & calendar

Free to-do list manager and reminder app keeps you organized every day

Tasks is a to-do list app that was developed with an emphasis on simplicity that can be used for everything from project lists to grocery lists.

Highly intuitive, the Android task manager lets you build lists, color code, drag and drop items, prioritize, re-prioritize, and even delete them with a quick swipe. Nicely designed with ease of use prioritized, it includes capacity for creating lists and sub-lists, tasks and sub-tasks, reminders, and home screen widgets.


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My Tasks: To-Do List & Plannerr

Convenient interface for help controlling today, and the rest of the week

Indispensable My Tasks is your calendar, planner, notebook, organizer, and reminder for planning all your objectives, goals, and to-do lists. This Android to-do list manager presents a main screen displaying the Monday to Sunday work week where you can plan, compile, search and move your to-do lists. Lists can be easily copied and sent, and you can make notes and reminders manually and by voice typing.

Useful features include the use of color for tagging for showing priority, notifications, and syncing with other applications and services. A progress scale lets you know where you’re at in accomplishing your goals and completing tasks. A badge on the tab of each application lets you know how many tasks are left for the day.

There’s an event planner where you set reminders and alarms so that you never forget the items on your lists. The smart calendar displays color coding to the number of planned tasks and their progress, and a notebook is handy for jotting down thoughts and ideas that can be moved into your lists as necessary.

This Android task manager is a simple application that lets you organize and keep pace with everything you plan for a balanced work/life schedule.


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PC users – find more Free To-Do List and Task Managers for Windows.