Top 5 Android Audio Players for Music Fans

While your phone came with a default Android audio player, you most likely found it wanting in some of the features you value – quality equalizer, convenient user interface navigation, editing and file management tools to name a few.

Fortunately, for the musicophile and casual listener alike, there is a huge range of Android music players to choose from. Many are completely free. Here are five free top players for you to investigate.


A powerful audio player that provides you with outstanding sound quality

AIMP has been recognized for its sound quality as a desktop audio player for a number of years. Its Android version lives up to that reputation for expertise.

Supporting all the popular file types – FLAC, MP3, MP4, OPUS, WAV and many more, the powerful Android music player has a simple and comprehensive user interface and lots of customization features. The brilliant 10-band equalizer and volume normalization, HTTP live streaming and visualization window alone make AIMP the player of choice. However, added to these desirable features, there are utilities to convert files from one format to another and to view tags and edit them, and access to plug-ins. In addition, you get support for:

  • ·     CUE Sheet files
  • ·     Album Arts
  • ·     Multiple playlists
  • ·     Internet radio
  • ·     Automatic data detection in tags
  • ·     Mixing to stereo
  • ·     Mixing to audio
  • ·     Ringtone registration
  • ·     Headset playback control
  • ·     Template sorting and management
  • ·     Lock screen Widget

Download Here

Music Player – Audio Player

Best Mp3 music player has the ability to find all the music on your device… fast

MV5’s Android audio player can do a quick search of all the files on your SD card and play your selected MP3 files or other file formats with the quality sound your music deserves.

Music Player enables you to browse by genre, artist, song album, and folders or playlist. The powerful equalizer ensures perfect sound quality, and the player triumphs in the looks department – there are more than 20 background skins to choose from. Best of all, it provides automatic lyrics files by scanning to find the lyrics for your songs, and 22 pre-set tones for your playing convenience.

Choose from three home screen widgets, display album artwork, and artist details, trim and/pr edit files, customize ringtones and more. Plus, the Android audio player has Bluetooth and headset controls.


Download Here

Pi Music Player – MP3 Player, YouTube Music Videos

Well crafted, highly rated player for quality sound from MP3s and YouTube videos

The nicely crafted Material Design style Pi Music Player is highly rated as much for its attractive user interface and media controls as for its great sound, not to mention its cross-platform file sharing functionality. You’ll find everything you could wish for:

  • ·     Beautiful and intuitive user interface
  • ·     4 themes
  • ·     5 Band Equalizer has 10 presets and bass boost, virtualizer, and 3D reverb
  • ·     Support for audiobooks
  • ·     Support for podcasts
  • ·     Precise ringtone cutter
  • ·     Cross-platform file sharing
  • ·     Folder view
  • ·     Sleep timer.
  • ·     Play screen swipe ability to change songs
  • ·     Metadata editing
  • ·     Album art and controls on the lock screen
  • ·     Widget support

Use enhanced folder view to find, play and enjoy your audio files. Share them with Pi music player’s secure cross-platform Send Anywhere feature that lets you securely share your music through the internet with anyone, on any system, at any time… anywhere in the world. Quickly set any song for your default ringtone.


Download Here

Dub Music Player – Audio Player & Music Equalizer

Awesome offline Android music player for playing and sharing your downloaded songs

Designed with input from DJs, the Dub Music Player has great looks, quality sound and lots of useful features, and a user interface that makes you feel like a professional. It’s an entirely modern, feature-rich and intuitive player with an equalizer that you can quickly adjust for the sound you want to hear. Browse your music files by song, genre, artist, album, folder or playlist, and enhance their sound from the elegant interface which visually displays the way your music looks! There’s a progress bar, spectrum bars move in time with the audio rhythm and graphics include circular soundbars, an analog VU meter, and a vinyl turntable.

The Android music player has a five-band equalizer with 9 professional genre presets including rock, dance, hip-hop, and classical. It supports all the popular formats – MP3, FLAC, 3GP, WAV, AGG and many more, and – yes, there’s a cross-fade feature.

You can create playlists and edit them, edit tags, customize the player with one of the nine themes, play your music in background mode while you work, shuffle, repeat and… enjoy!


Download Here

jetAudio HD Music Player

Listen and search your music files at the same time

The free jetAudio HD Music Player’s equalizer has 32 presets which covers such a wide range of listening experiences that you may never need to make adjustments. If you want to do so, however, the Android audio player provides you with a 10 band graphic equalizer, crossfading, AGC, playback speed control and many other options.

jetAudio HD Music Player lets you do everything you need to have the music experience you most enjoy. Fade in/out, repeat, pause/resume, mute, swipe up to post to social media, swipe down to get detail of the currently playing file, swipe right and left to navigate the folder or shake to play previous or next track. You can browse by playlist, folder album, etc. There’s a sleep timer, Bluetooth headset button control, a multi-select function, and lock orientation options.

All popular formats – MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC – are supported, as well as quality sound enhancements and effects such as reverb, X-bass, and X-wide, and you can play music from folders on the devices on your home network.


Download Here

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