How to Hide Your Online Status on Facebook

How do you use Facebook without people knowing you are online? This is a question you would be surprised many actually ask.

Now it doesn’t matter why you don’t want certain people to see you using Facebook – that’s your personal choice really – but you can actually do two obvious things. Block them completely or restrict them from chatting with you.

You can change your account settings to make sure nobody sees you online and available to chat. You can also choose to remove the ability of certain users to see online in the chat settings. But they will still see your timeline and can still tag you.

Blocking someone completely means they won’t be able to see your Facebook account entirely, whether you are online or offline. They won’t be able to send you a friend request or tag you.

Let’s go a little more in depth.

Turn off chat for all Facebook friends with or without exceptions

To block all your friends on Facebook from seeing you online on chat, you can turn off chat and create a list of friends who can send you messages.

The blocked users will still be able to see your timeline and profile, tag you or invite you to events, but they won’t know you’re online using Facebook at that exact moment.

You can do this by:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and open the chat screen on the right side of the page.
2. At the bottom part where you see the Search bar, you can click on the small gear icon for settings.
3. Choose ‘advanced settings‘ first, next you choose ‘turn off chat for only some contacts
4. Type the name of the users you want to hide from.

You can also:

  • Choose ‘turn off chat for all contacts except…
  • This will prevent all your contacts from sending you messages or seeing that you’re online unless you create a list of exceptions.
  • Don’t forget to hit Save to confirm the changes.

Choose to Hide From Someone on Facebook

If you’re not exactly feeling friendly with someone, be it your ex or your arch-rival, you can opt to block them from viewing your Facebook account and profile completely.

The only connection you may have on Facebook is belonging to the same groups. Unless that is not the case, both you and the person you blocked won’t be able to see each others’ profile on Facebook.

You can do this by:

1. Open Settings from the top right drop-down menu
2. Choose Blocking,
3. Type name or email address in the Block Users section
4. This will redirect you to a confirmation page where everyone with that Facebook name will appear listed,
5. Click ‘Block‘ beside that person’s name,
6. Click on the ‘Block‘ button once more when the option appears if you are sure to block the user from connecting with you on Facebook.

You can always unblock a person when you want to. Just go back to Settings, then Account Settings and Blocking like you did before. This time you’ll see a list of the all the users you block from connecting with you.

Right next to the right of someone’s name, you will see an ‘Unblock‘ button. Click it and you’ll be prompted to confirm. You will be able to connect with this Facebook user or wait for another 48 hours to block them again.

If you want to block Apps from your account, you can also do this in the Settings tab.

Open Settings and then choose Privacy Settings. Then on the list of tabs on the right choose Apps.

On the ‘Ads, Apps and Websites‘ section of this tab, you can edit the settings to see a list of apps and websites that are connected to your account. These are the games, applications, and sites you’ve opened or used on Facebook. If you are tired of seeing their notifications and posts, just click on the Red X beside the name and choose to ‘Disable Platform‘ and hit save to remove it and block it from your Facebook account.