How to Manage Startup Programs in Windows 10

No matter how fast and responsive your Operating System is, it starts to slow down with time. The boot process bogs down because, over time, many programs add themselves to the startup programs list. Startup programs are those that automatically start when you turn on or boot the computer. It is always sound practice to disable the apps that you do not need. Not only will it speed up startup times, but your OS will also use fewer resources. Windows 10 offers you an option to manage startup programs or apps.

To open the list of startup programs, select the ‘Start’ button and then select ‘Settings > Apps > Startup.’ Next you will see the complete list of apps that are configured to start up when you log in. Here, each app has an additional piece of information that shows the impact it has on your system’s startup time. It is just a measurement of how long it takes the app to start. To disable a specific program just toggle it to ‘Off’ in the list. If you want to enable the startup program again, all you have to do is flip the toggle back to ‘On.’



There is another way to manage startup programs in Windows 10. You have to right-click on the Start button or just at any open space on the taskbar. You will get a box with several options. In this box, select ‘Task Manager.’ A Task Manager window will open on your screen. In this window, select the ‘Startup‘ tab and then click on ‘More Details.’ Next, you will see the complete list of enabled startup programs. You can disable or enable the ones you want simply by right-clicking the name.




Third-Party Apps

Rather than using the built-in methods described above, you can also use some third-party applications for managing startup programs as well. There are a vast number of software programs available that help you to manage your system’s startup programs. Following are two apps that are easy to use, they include advanced functions, and best of all – free to use.


SysInternals Autoruns

An excellent utility for Windows (32 and 64 bit both) Operating System provides you with a list of programs that are configured to run during the system boot-up or login. It reports Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Win logon notifications, auto-start services, and much more.


You can download it from here:
Download SysInternals Autoruns


Autorun Organizer

Autorun Organizer is a handy free startup manager. Along with managing startup apps this software speeds up Windows start and performance. It also shows a boot diagram as well. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to 10.

You can download it from here:
Download Autorun Organizer

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