How to Tweak, Speed Up, and Optimize Your Computer

Every computer becomes slow over time. It could be caused by viruses, hardware issues, low disk space, or bloatware. Regular maintenance is always required to boost the system’s speed and maximum performance. As a result, knowing how to clean, tweak, and optimize your computer is essential.

There are a few simple steps that can be followed to speed up a slow computer:

  • Uninstall applications that are no longer being used or are obsolete.
  • Remove temporary files that are taking up space on your hard drive.
  • After removing all the unnecessary files and applications from your computer you can defrag your hard drive as well. Defragmenting your hard drive boosts the overall speed of your machine.
  • You can disable startup items. These items are automatically launched when Windows boots up.

Apart from these steps, you can install software to make the task of optimization a bit easier. Following are a few handy software programs that are available free of charge.


CCleaner is, by far, one of the best tools for cleaning and optimizing a computer. This tool removes unnecessary files and fixes many other issues that may cause your computer to run sluggishly.


  • This software comes with a registry cleaner that removes unused entries and fixes errors.
  • The browser cleaner removes temporary internet files, cookies, form history, and more. It is an easy way to protect your privacy while speeding up your browsing sessions.
  • The windows cleaner removes files from the Recycle Bin, removes temp files, log files, DNS cache, jump lists, and much more.
  • A duplicate finder is also included to easily remove duplicate files that use up hard drive space.
  • Additional tools include a startup feature to manage all startup items, a disk analyzer to determine how your drive space is being used, a browser plugin manager, and an uninstall function to quickly remove software applications.

Download from here:


Toolwiz Care:

Toolwiz Care is a complete toolkit designed to optimize a slow computer. It comes with a collection of different tools like System Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, Disk Doctor, Fast Defrag, and a large number of other useful tools.

This software is capable of deleting junk files, fixing registry errors, enhancing the overall performance of your system, and has a user-friendly interface. A disk cleanup can also be performed and all the detected issues can be fixed with just one click.

Toolwiz Care

Download from here:


Ultimate Windows Tweaker:

This tweaking software helps you to speed up your computer. It has more than 200 tweaks and sports a clean and minimalistic user interface. These tweaks are categorized in different sections which include: System Information, Customization, User Accounts, Performance Tweaks, IE tweaks, etc.

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Ultimate Settings Panel:

This software works for a multitude of configuration options in Windows. It is a tab based utility that features 15 configuration tabs and over 280 configuration items.

Ultimate Settings Panel

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Kaspersky Cleaner:

Kaspersky Cleaner can remove all viruses that have damaged your system and reduced its performance. It can easily detect and fix these errors that are causing the slow processing of your system. Once the cleaner is launched it will automatically start scanning the host OS. After completing the scan it will display a detailed list of the infected files. It gives you an option to fix all the issues found.

Kaspersky Cleaner

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