How to Record Streaming Video with Windows 10

Taking a screenshot of your desktop screen is quite easy by using the built-in Windows tool or using the Snipping Tool. However, when it comes to capturing a video, it is a different situation. Microsoft offered a screen recording utility with Windows 10 that allows you to record a video of your actions. It is part of the Xbox app and was actually intended to capture your gaming activity. It can be used to record a video of your actions in any Windows app. You can access this screen recording tool in a few simple steps.

  • Hit the Windows key + ‘G’. A popup screen will appear displaying ‘Do you want to open the Game bar?’ It also has a checkbox ‘Yes, It is a game’. To open the Game bar, you must click the checkbox and pretend that you are recording a gaming activity.

Game bar

  • Now the Game bar will open. It has controls to start and stop the recording. To start the recording, click the red icon.


  • There is also a Settings button to edit your preferences. The basic recording options allow you to record the video in the background and show the timer while recording.


  • For extended preferences, you can edit the options in Windows Settings in the Game DVR section. You can change the location of the saved video clips, set the maximum time of the recording length, adjust the audio quality, and select the quality of the video capture.


  • Once you stop the recording, a message will pop up stating ‘Game clip recorded.’ Your video capture will be saved in MP4 format. You can find it in a folder under your user account called Videos > Captures.
  • The quickest way to locate these video files is to open them in the Xbox app itself, in a section named ‘Game DVR.’

Note: Whenever you open the Game bar, it will open within the active window you want to record. Make sure the activity you want to record is active prior to opening the Game bar.