5 Excellent Free Home Design Apps for Windows

Free home design software is giving everybody the opportunity to see how their ideas for the interior and exterior ideas for home design will actually look. There are a number of tools available that provide professional looking results without the need for experience in using computer-aided (CAD) design programs.


Sweet Home 3D

Draw a house plan and arrange the furniture, then see how it looks in 3D

SweetHome 3D is downloadable free interior design application that can also be used in your browser. Either way, you are able to:

  • Use either mouse or keyboard to create walls with exact dimensions.
  • Drag doors and windows into the plan and the software will figure out the size of their positions in the walls
  • Use the extensive catalog contents to add the furniture, fittings, and appliances to the plan
  • Experiment with furniture placement
  • Change colors, sizes, texture of curtains, carpets, etc.

You design in 2D but are able to see how it looks in 3D from selected points of view at the same time. The plan can be annotated with dimensions, text, arrows, etc. and you can even add a compass to illustrate direction.

The interface is divided into four panels with a toolbar at the top. Top left is your furniture catalog which is organized in categories, the top right panel is where you work on your plan, the furniture list is at the bottom left – this includes columns of information relating to each piece, and at bottom right, you can view your plan in 3D. Just click or use Tab/Shift to switch to the panel you need to work in.

The free home design software enables you to create images and videos from your 3D panel and modify light sources to see the full effect. You can also start by importing a blueprint of the home to draw in your walls, as well as 3D models of furniture and textures. Your plans are exportable as images or PDFs.



Download Here  |  Visit Developer’s Website


DreamPlan Free Home Design Software

Create plans for home and garden

Creating a 3D model of your home and selecting the interior design features, or planning your outdoor living spaces is made easy with DreamPlan free home design software. You can design in either 2D or 3D mode and the application has easy drag and drop functions for organizing your furniture. The default 3D view allows you to rotate objects and fully customize them without the need to switch back your 2D plan. Trace mode allows you to import a blueprint image from which to create your 3D image

The clean and easy to use interface lets you switch between blueprint view and 3D, and 2D modes. It’s a useful tool for designing or redesigning individual rooms or the entire house and/or garden that provides all the furniture, appliances, fittings and landscape features in an online library. A color wheel allows you to color them or experiment with different colors schemes. You can also import 3D models to evaluate their suitability for your design.



Download Here  |  Visit Developer’s Website



Create interior design concepts and see them in 3D photo-realistic quality

pCon.planner provides a platform that can be shared so that everyone involved can collaborate. The free home design software allows you to easily create even complex designs quickly and easily. Well designed tools and a simple user interface provide all the means needed to develop room concepts and experiment with ideas.

You create the various elements of the room and add 3D furniture, appliance and fittings models from an online catalog. The final presentation offers you a choice to showcase your design between an image, video, 3D browser view or 360-degree panorama. A number of file formats can be imported or exported.

The pCon.planner interface provides access to several display modes including wireframe, conceptual, textured and realistic. View modes are perspective, ISO and orthogonal, and you can zoom in on a specific object. The navigation panel allows zooming, panning, orbiting and walking through. You can import background images of your own, and a context mini toolbar is available for intricate creation.

Major features of pConplanner

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Photo quality 3D models provided
  • Fast construction of basics – floors, walls, etc.
  • Design presentation choice of image, video, 3D browser view or 360-degree panorama
  • Collaboration feature



Download Here  |  Visit Developer’s Website



3D modeling for energy-efficient homes made easy for everyone

Originally developed as a simulated environment green environment for engineering education, Energy3D makes home design easy for everybody from middle school student and up. Its emphasis on energy conservation provides tools to analyze such features as solar heating and heat maps over time.

Superimposed on a map image, the energy performance of the design can be evaluated based on elevation and weather data at the location. The software generates time graphs and uses artificial intelligence to optimize the assessment. Naturally, the program is very useful in a teaching about the environment. The final design can be printed and used to make a scale model.

Using the program basically involves using the buttons on the interface to create a building. The various buttons are used to add floors, walls, roofs, etc. There is an emphasis on roof types in order to evaluate their energy conservation levels. You simply click the relevant button and drag the mouse to position the component. White circles at the corners let you adjust the size and you can check your design using the Print Preview button. Zoom and Move buttons bring specific areas of the design into focus and the Undo button is used to make changes.



Download Here  |  Visit Developer’s Website



Design, draw and decorate any room – no CAD knowledge needed

Blophome is free home design software that will provide you with professional-quality results. The chief features are:

  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with a mouse or touchscreen
  • Access to 200,000 drawings
  • Access to IKEA, Maison du Monde, Roca catalogs
  • 3D ultra photo realistic rendering
  • Online publishing capability for registrants

Download and install the program. Incorporated dimension drawings, which automatically provide dimensions in high resolution, are accessed from the Dimensions tab on the menu bar at the top of the interface. Tools are located in the toolbar beneath this. The main window provides a great space for drawing, arranging objects and for rendering, and a panel at left displays the catalog model category items.



Download Here  |  Visit Developer’s Website

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