5 Feature-Packed Free Scientific Calculators for Windows

Scientific calculator software is developed to make complex calculations less time consuming and, as such, is a must-have for everybody in scientific, engineering and other mathematically-oriented fields. For students, it is an almost essential tool. There are a number of free scientific calculators available today that provide basic and advanced functions. Narrowing down your search requires determining which one best meets your needs. Here is a rundown of five feature-packed applications for Windows.


Sicyon Calculator

All the tools you need to analyze mathematical expressions and formulas

The free all-in-one Sicyon scientific calculator is targeted at students, teachers, researchers, developers, and everybody performing calculations and investigating complex formulas. With VBScript/JScript at its core, it’s a tool with features ranging from estimating functions involving variables or those that are user-defined to matrix operations and units conversion.

The comprehensive graphic user interface displays quick access icons on the toolbar, expression and variables input bars and results field, a button-filled function board and a tools board with navigation tabs. The design enables you to easily master all the functions. The Views tab on the menu bar lets you change the appearance of the interface to better display the function you’re working with, i.e. moving from the default expression view to program view will replace the input fields with an input panel for equations and script coding.

In addition to basic calculator functions, there are converter and graphics tools. 2D or 3D graphs can be generated and an animation feature allows you to view changes when you modify parameters. Spreadsheet type database boards, COM server use, and unit conversion modification are more useful features of the Sicyon calculator.



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Calculate self-defined functions or move on to Leibniz iteration

The greatest advantage of fx-Calc is its very intuitive delivery of features and functions. You have the ability to analyze functions, plot trigonometric functions, work with linear regression and calculate Pi with Leibniz iteration in addition to having basic calculation features at your fingertips.

The main window of the user interface provides the basic mathematical calculator features. However, while it looks plain and simple, it also provides access to opening any number of windows repeatedly, if necessary, to compare results.

Major key features of fxCalc:

  • Ability to input as many as five variables for immediate calculation
  • Graphic presentation of a wide range of function analysis
  • Equation solving, tangent calculation and iteration
  • Integrated function library
  • Scientific constants library
  • 2D function and 2D parametric function plots
  • 3D function plots
  • Windows to display various function characteristics
  • Linear regression module
  • Automated history and current memory separately displayed



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HiPER Calc

100 decimal places, 9 places of exponent for repeating decimals support

Precision is the major advantage of HiPER Calc. The scientific calculator is targeted to instant calculation of complex functions and equations, and decimal precision.

The default layout of HiPER Calc’s interface is in a basic calculator form. It can be changed to landscape view and there’s an expanded view which provides room to display more functions and their identification. The numbers display is also customizable so that you can manually set the decimal precision to work with high numbers. Available formats are engineering display, fixed point or scientific functions and the application includes several graphic themes and customization options.

Logical operation is paramount and accessibility is key – hot-keys can be used for most functions, there are 10 extended memories and a result history, and an Always on Top view is available. Tooltips are displayed with each function to keep you fully informed of their features.



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Numeric keypad and basic operation with a selection of advanced functions

Similar in appearance to the Windows Calculator, Kalkules comprises basic type or use the numbers to input, and hit Enter for the result. It is, however, a full scientific calculator with tools from individual calculators for such functions as series summations, polynomials and quadratics, graphing, and unit conversion.

  • Binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal number systems
  • Evaluate complex expressions complete with parenthesis, constants, and variables
  • Calculate in real, modulo or complex numbers
  • Arithmetic functions, goniometric and hyperbolic functions
  • Graphing
  • Polynomials and fractions calculations
  • Unit conversion
  • Basic statistical calculations
  • Combinatorial calculations
  • Expression libraries
  • History



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A diverse free scientific calculator with graphical features

Reor has a wide range of features to deal with everything from trigonometry to figuring square roots. It enables you to quickly create simple reports and maintains history from start up to close down.

The compact calculator is well designed with accompanying tooltips to the individual features which each trigger new windows when they are accessed.

Use the scientific panel to work with the universal constants or variables used in the various scientific fields via a character map where you get button access to export the value to the calculator. There’s a utility for financial calculations, too. All entries are chronologically displayed with the operation and result, and they can be copied to the clipboard for input into other programs. A unique wordify component translates input into text.

Calculus is fast and accurate, graphical equations can be plotted, a huge range of Physical/Mathematical functions are built in, variables can be stored and you can even calculate your loan or mortgage interest. For a truly diverse calculator to serve you for scientific and everyday functions, Reor is a sensible choice.



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