5 Free Tools to Optimize Windows and Speed Up Your Computer

When your computer starts to feel sluggish, it could well be caused by applications running in the background. Equally likely, it might be invalid registry entries, lack of hard drive space or even malware attacks. Whatever the cause, it’s time to do some house cleaning and tweak Windows to speed up your computer.

Optimizing Windows was once an onerous task best left to techs. Just the idea of going into the registry was enough to scare you off. Luckily there are now many utilities available to effectively tweak your computer by fixing all the common issues that may be slowing your PC down. And, the good news is that many of these applications are free. Here are five, along with what you can expect from them.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019

Efficient Windows maintenance and easy-to-use tools to tune your computer to work to your specifications

Steady performance, stability, and reliability, along with the means to tweak and customize your system are givens when you download and install Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019. That’s not all, though. Set to analyze on launch (the default), the utility will do just that, display the number of issues in four categories and all you need to do to optimize Windows is to click the Optimize Now button.

When you tweak your computer with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 you can be assured of performance improvement. Download, install and launch to a comprehensive user interface that provides fast analysis of problems in four areas – Junk Data, System, Privacy and Performance. You can optimize immediately or view the issues in each category first.

The utility contains many more useful tools – all accessed from the left-hand panel. HDD Benchmark to measure read/write performance, Context Manager to correct file associations, and a Process Manager to cover defragging and system restore. Additionally, there’s an SSD wizard, Disk Wiper, File Encrypter/Decrypter, File Splitter and a Startup Tuner. All in all, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2019 provides you with all the optimization and configuration tools you need to maintain the performance of your PC.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website


All-in-one tool for cleaning, optimizing and backing up your computer

Used as an installed utility or a convenient portable one, TweakPower cleans your system’s registry, browser, system, and plug-ins.

The program launches to an easily navigated dashboard featuring menu tabs for Cleaning, Optimize and All Functions. The main window displays current details and options on your Current PC Mode and installed Security Settings.

  • Cleaning scans the system, giving you access to cleaning in four areas – Registry Cleaner, Browser Cleaner, System Cleaner, and Plug-in Cleaner – and returns details of issues. Browser Cleaner conveniently breaks down into Problems found and Junk files. After reviewing the analysis, clicking the Optimize now button will start the cleanup.
  • Optimize enables you to optimize the system settings. These include shutting Windows down faster, reducing the wait for crashed programs, organizing desktop icons and accelerating disks, system, and SSD.
  • All Functions provides access to all the available tools which include defrag, duplicate file removal, encryption and many more means to customization and information.

Using TweakPower to tweak your computer provides you with a range of options organized to make optimizing your system as easy and foolproof as possible.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Tooltips provide all the guidance you need to safely optimize Windows

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a small, lightweight portable utility packed with more than 200 tweaks with specific options to customize Windows 10. The nicely designed user interface features a left-hand menu panel to access tweaks for Customization, User Accounts, Performance, Security and more. You can also view System information.

The Customization window provides Taskbar, File Explorer, Modern UI, Windows 10 and This PC tabs for making the tweaks relevant to each. User Accounts customizes user display information and logon options while Performance tweaks include wait time for such actions as timeouts, shutdown, and non-responding applications. The Security and Privacy interface ensures control of user access to administrative functions, control panel settings, and Windows security and service options.

Additional tweaks customize Windows 10, the Context menu, Internet Explorer and a number of processes. Hovering over any tweak displays a tooltip description under the working area of each module. Restore Point buttons to create restore points or restore defaults are available at the bottom of each window.

While the current version of Ultimate Windows Tweaker is expressly for use with Windows 10, previous versions are available.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Glarysoft’s Glary Utilities

Tweak Windows with the most frequently recommended application

Optimize Windows with Glary Utilities and protect your computer at the same time. Glary Utilities is a highly reliable portable utility that includes numerous tools to maintain the highest level of performance for your system.

  • Disk Analysis
  • Disk Cleaner
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Startup Manager
  • Shortcuts Fixer
  • Uninstall Manager
  • Context Menu Manager
  • Internet Tracks Eraser
  • File Shredder
  • File Encrypter and Decrypter
  • Duplicate Files Finder
  • Empty Folders Finder
  • File Splitter and Joiner
  • Process Manager

The application can be configured for its One-Click Maintenance option enabling it to run the processes you set for easy regular maintenance. A video tutorial is available from the developer’s website.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Razer Cortex

Performance enhancement and optimization for the gaming enthusiast

Razor Cortex is the must-have Windows Optimizer expressly designed for gamers. Essentially it temporarily shuts down selected applications and functions freeing up resources and RAM to improve gaming performance in addition to the normal cleaning junk and optimizing functions of a Windows Optimizer. It even finds deals on games for you.

The user interface provides tabs for Game Booster and System Booster.
Game Booster starts automatically when you launch a game and auto restores your computer when you’re finished. Clicking the tab will display a window that lets you tweak your system automatically or manually with a range of tools to enhance performance and to optimize the system for higher frames per second (FPS). Toolbar tabs are Optimize, Auto Boost, Maximize FPS and Expert Control tabs. Auto Boost automatically analyzes the system and enhances configurations. Razer Cortex maximizes FPS by disabling CPU sleep and enabling CPU and provides tracking all the time you’re playing, generating a chart when the game ends that details the date of play, average frame rate, resolution and more.

System Booster is your one-stop solution to better performance from the entire system. It comprises an Optimize tab and a My Rig tab. The Optimize tab scans the system and displays the issues found which are displayed in the System Clean, Speed Up and Defrag Games categories. You can view and select each category before clicking the Optimize button. My Rig displays your hardware information and enables you to generate a Diagnostic Report to analyze and report on your system details.

In addition to the booster tabs, the menu bar provides Deals and Rewards tabs for the gamer. Razer Cortex is compatible with Windows 7 and higher.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

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