5 Handy Free Dictionaries and Language Translators for Windows


Dictionary and language translation programs have become necessities for business, school and for use in the home today. Quickly accessible programs or plugins that enable you to check the meaning of a word, translate a sentence or find synonyms while working in various programs on your system are incredibly useful.

Whether for online or offline use, a wide range of dictionary, dictionary/thesaurus, dictionary/translation, and translation utilities is available, many of them completely free.

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Find correct spelling, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms and more with a single click

Multi-feature free dictionary software TheSage encompasses over 210,000 definitions and a thesaurus including 1,400,000 synonym, antonym, hypernym alternatives and other words related to specific word definitions.

The program’s tabbed interface is easy to use allowing you to input a word and display its definition(s). You are also shown examples of its use, synonyms and hypernyms, and pronunciation with text-to-speech. Wildcards can be used, and you are also able to track down anagrams with the utility.

There are a number of customization options to change appearance and set parameters, and an online search feature compatible with Wikipedia and Google facilities and more. Extensions are available for Firefox and Chrome.

Fast cross-referencing, wildcard search, online search, reverse search or concordancer, text-to-speech and word lists management make TheSage ideally convenient to use. You also have access to your history for quick referral, and there’s a phonetic wildcard search option for unfamiliar words. The free dictionary software is also available as a portable application for even greater convenience.


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QTranslate Portable

A versatile free language translator that’s easy to use and targeted to working in a second language situation

QTranslate is a very simple translation program. A two-panel interface enables you to paste text in the top one where the utility will detect the language automatically. You just select the language to which you want your passage translated, and the translation will display in the bottom panel.

Using QTranslate from within other applications on your system is as easy as highlighting text and pressing Ctrl+Q for your translation it displays in a popup window. Ctrl+E will provide you with the correct pronunciation. Other hotkeys can be used for word suggestion and history access.

Selectable online translation services, including those from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo as well as such services as Babylon, and SDL, are used by the free language translator. Other easily accessible features are:

  • Selection of virtual keyboards
  • Spell check
  • Text to speech
  • Word suggestion with autocomplete
  • History
  • Translation immediately accessible from any application on the system

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The primary choice of multilingual users of Windows with F-key use to convert text between languages quickly

LangOver is a free tool that lets you work regularly in more than a single language without having to worry about ending up with a lot of gibberish because you had the wrong language settings while you were inputting your text.

Working within any application, while using a multilingual keyboard, it is easy to type into an application without pressing Alt+Shift to set the keyboard for your other language. With LangOver on your system, you can quickly rectify the situation by simply highlighting the text and pressing F10 to change it to the language you intended.

The free program is easy to use and is set up for fast hotkey use for additional functions to F10 for changing language:

  • Shift+F10 changes case
  • F6 reverses selected text from left to right or right to left
  • Control+G searches text with Google and opens your browser with the result
  • Control+T translate your text with Google, again the result displays in your browser.

While not a free language translator as such – it’s function being to make life easier when working in different languages, LangOver can also access translation to other languages through Google.


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Lingoes Portable

A dictionary and multi-language translator for over 80 languages

Lingoes provides you with a free language translator and free dictionary software all in one package. You get everything from a highlighted word or phrase to an entire document translated with fast access to English, French, German, Chinese and many more dictionaries and translation software.

Upon launch, Lingoes Portable provides options for its use. Icons at the top left provide access to Index, Guide, and Appendices. Index is your access to dictionaries, typing in the search bar at the top will display the required definition in the right-hand panel below. Double-clicking it opens translation panels. Guide provides your setup options including languages and hotkey functions, and Appendices enables you to use such functions as weights and measurements, currency and international time converters and you can download more or create your own.

Configuration is relatively simple using General, Appearance, Translate, Speech, Connection, and Hotkey tabs. Function buttons provide for capturing a specific word, translating selected text, clipboard text, and window on top and mini window. Toolbar tabs beneath the search bar include speaking, copying, saving, etc. as well as launching the text translation window.


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Offline dictionary translates English words into six languages

Dictionary is another language translator and dictionary software in one program. In addition to providing the definition of any English word, it provides translations into French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

In setting up the program, you are offered an installer version and a portable one. Once launched, you are presented with a simple graphic user interface displaying a search box and translation icons at the top of the window. Usage is as simple as typing a work in the search box. Matching words and definitions are displayed in the panel below including variations of the work, and you can click on the appropriate icon to translate it.

Dictionary is proactive in finding words without the need to type in the entire word – especially helpful if you’re unsure of the spelling or the word’s structure. An easy to use, very basic program, it is especially useful when learning a language.


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