5 of Our Favorite Free Color Pickers for Windows

Color selection can be made easier for graphics and website designers by using a color picker tool in preference to those built into Windows, browsers or graphics software. Dedicated color pickers make it quick and easy to save specific colors to color palettes.
A color picker tool enables you to grab colors and get the RGB or HEX details whenever and wherever you see a color you want to save. Here are five free color pickers that will let you get the details of colors you want to add to your palette.


Pick and save colors from anywhere on your screen

ColorMania is a highly flexible program with a built-in magnifier which allows you to zoom to pixel level and capture its color to save in the format required for your intended purpose. It has the capability to recognize just about every coding format as well as saturation, hue and brightness variables:

  • HTML Color Codes, i.e.. Hex and CSS for website designers
  •  RGB
  •  RGB%
  •  CMYK for both desktop publishing and painting programs
  •  HSV values of graphics programs
  •  CMY in paint programs
  •  HLS – Hue/Lightness/Saturation
  •  Photoshop, i.e… Adobe Photoshop’ color picker
  •  Delphi Hex for Borland Delphi applications
  •  VB Hex – Microsoft Visual Basic
  •  C++ Hex
  •  Powerbuilder development environment (Sybase)

The application’s onscreen eyedropper and magnifier enables you to select colors and modify their RGB or HSV values, show in different formats and save the color palettes you create. It includes more than 1400 websafe HTML named colors and can be minimized to the system tray for quick color picking convenience whatever your onscreen occupation. The standalone color picker application from Blacksun Software, ColorMania can also be integrated with several of the developer’s other programs.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Just Color Picker

Identify, save, edit and combine colors

A portable application with a multilingual interface, Just Color Picker enables you to quickly and simply identify color hues, and put them to use in both graphic and digital design.
As a tool created by a designer for personal use, the application’s convenience level in acquiring, identifying, saving and using selected colors can be assured. A high level of precision is provided by the three-level magnifier, screen freeze sampling mouse hover, and pixel distance calculation. A full range of color code formats is supported including Photoshop and GIMP.
Save your picked colors to a list with added comments or notes, convert HEX to RGB, edit, combine and adjust colors. RGB, CMY and RYB color wheels, gradient transition, and a color scheme generator are provided. The application is so well-thought-out that it covers every eventuality likely to be met in a designer’s progress in creating the perfect color.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

Cyotek Color Palette Editor

Create color palettes in JASC, GIMP, Adobe formats and more

Cyotek Palette Editor provides a comprehensive user interface featuring a work area, menu bar and toolbars for creation and editing of color palettes that can be batch converted between formats. Tools are easily accessed and easy to use.
A color grid displays the current palette’s contents and details of a selected swatch are displayed in a status bar, and palettes and swatch images can be exported. Other features of the program include a color list which includes the names of the swatches, color editing as RGB or HSL with swatch naming, and color schemes which provide the ability to create color sets from the selected color.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

PicPick Tools Portable

A screen capture tool that includes a useful color picker tool

While PicPick is a popular, fully-featured screen capture utility, it is also known for its additional, convenient graphics accessories including a precision color picker.
Identifying color, whether for designing purposes, matching or ascertaining transparency level, is easily accomplished from the PicPick user interface where a menu bar heads the PicPick workspace. Most color codes are supported including RGB, C++, and Delphi.
The color picker is accessed from the File menu which opens as a drop-down menu that includes all the applications’ tools. Clicking ‘Color Picker‘ will bring up the editing tools at the top of the workspace. Select the eyedropper and hover over the color you require to acquire the HTML code. Clicking the color will display the color palette which supports RGB and HSV formats. You can save the selected color for current or future use.
The image capture and editing tool provides sharing and cloud storage options from within the application, making it very useful for projects beyond color picking.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

ColorZilla for Chrome

A browser integrated color picker and eyedropper

An extension for Chrome and available as an add-on for Firefox, ColorZilla is a basic color picker with a built-in palette. It is comprised of color picker tools similar to those found in Photoshop and other high-end image creation software, including an Eye Dropper, Gradient Generator and more. May advanced level tools are available making it a desirable utility for graphics and web content designers. A color can be selected from anywhere in your browser and a palette of its colors displayed.

Other ColorZilla features include:

  • Palette Viewer including pre-installed palettes
  •  Color History of selections recently made
  •  CSS Gradient Generator
  •  Webpage Color Analyzer
  •  Element information – tag name, class, size, etc.
  •  Color manipulation of RGB and HSV
  •  Copying colors in selected format to the clipboard
  •  Multiple zoom levels
  •  Color picking from Flash objects
  •  Hovering to display color elements of a pixel
  •  Keyboard shortcuts
  •  Single-click on the toolbar icon to enable

ColorZilla requires permissions in Chrome and is compatible with Firefox’s current requirements for add-ons.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website

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