Top 5 Android Audio Converters

The era of downloading digital music has brought with it the availability of many applications for manipulating media files. Over time, these have become “must haves“.

Case in point – everybody uses an audio converter at some point. Today, there are Android audio converters to meet a range of requirements which can be downloaded free to your phone. Whether you want to make an audio file from a video, create a custom ringtone, try your hand at mixing or remove noise from a live recording, you’ll find an application to download to your Android device to do the job for you. One of the following converters will be sure to meet your needs – and provide inspiration for future projects.


MP3 Converter

Created especially for music lovers

MP3 Converter from Uplayer is a free Android audio converter for creating audio files from video downloads, and for converting MP3 files to other formats. The simple interface displays four buttons:

  • Audio Converter – convert to your choice of popular audio formats quickly and easily.
  • Video to Audio – create an audio file super fast.
  • Video Cutter – edit your video with a cutter based on FFmpeg, the leading multimedia framework.
  • Audio Cutter – customize an existing MP3 file or one you’ve created.

MP3 Converter requires minimum Android 2.3.3


MP3-ConverterDownload Here


Media Converter Pro

Super fast media converter for Android

A free open source FFmpeg build android audio converter, KDEV’s Media Converter Pro is an application that is in ongoing development with many more output formats expected to be included in the regular updates provided by the developers.

The easy to use interface, upon launching, provides buttons for ‘Preset Commands,’ ‘Job Manager‘ and ‘Settings.’ ‘Preset Commands‘ takes you to options to convert to video files to MP3, AAC or FLAC formats. Conversion is simple. You input the path to the video file, the output location, and name for your new file and your file is quickly created. Android 4.1 is required.



Download Here


Video Converter To MP3 & MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker

Convert to audio, trim, save and share

Convert a video file to MP3 with just a few simple operations with this free Android audio converter that rips music from a video file, converts to MP3 – and MP4, and trims it to a personalized ringtone. The user-friendly, nicely designed interface makes it easy to:

  • Convert most popular video formats to audio
  • Cut the MP3 file you’ve made to create a ringtone
  • Use the built-in library to find and trim music files to make ringtones

Just select the required file, click the ‘Convert‘ button and save the audio file. Open the file in the cutter and trim. Play to check it out and save it. Set it as your ringtone or share. Developed by Max Sound, the compact and fast Video Converter To MP3 & MP3 Cutter Ringtone Maker requires Android 4.1.



Download Here


Convert M4a to MP3

Create quality MP3 and alternative audio format files from M4a and more video formats

For converting your high-quality M4a files to play on other devices, Convert M4a to MP3 is the leader in the field. Files are converted to compare favorably with M4a lossless quality and compression. You can also use this free Android audio converter from Media Convert Video as ‘go to‘ conversion application since it also converts any of the popular video formats to the most used audio formats.

The application is easily customizable. The interface allows you to choose the M4a file you want to convert from a number of local directories and from DropBox or GoogleDrive, etc. You can convert additional video formats, including AVI and MP4, to formats other than MP3. WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG are all supported.

The simple operation involves selecting the file, choosing the output location and bitrate, editing the tags and hitting ‘Convert.’ Batch converting is possible. Android 3.0 and up are supported.



Download Here


Audio Video Mixer and Video to MP3 converter

Add audio to video; mix audio in video; convert to audio format

From Jackie Apps, this converter has an impressively designed interface where shades of pink and tangerine have feminine appeal and, at the same time, present a look and feel of fast-paced action.

The Audio Video Mixer has four buttons ‘Audio Video Mixer‘, ‘Video Cutter,’ ‘Audio Cutter‘ and ‘Extract Audio,’ providing you with the means to very easily:

  • Extract audio from video clip
  • Trim both video and audio files
  • Cut and save extracts from video and audio files
  • Add one or more audio clips to a video file
  • Select multiple audio files for trimming and merging into a video file
  • Replace and mix audio from video
  • Mute the video

The Video to MP3 Converter converts any major video format to MP3 or WAV, M4A, AAC, and to M4A as well. There’s a ‘Metadata‘ button where you can create and edit tags. Then making your audio file is as simple as clicking the ‘Convert‘ button.

Android 4.1 is required for this Android audio converter.



Download Here


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