Top 5 Classic Games on Android

Whether it’s the SEGA Forever Classic Games Collection or one of the many other classic games that have been adapted for touchscreen phones and tablets, you’ll love the challenge and nostalgia that comes with the old school games gone mobile. Most require minimum Android 4.1 and network access for player interaction, but you’ll find them absorbing, and relaxing too, for just playing by yourself. Try one or more of these free classic games on Android.


Sonic Dash

Dash, jump and spin with Sonic

Sonic, the blue hedgehog with supersonic speed comparable to the speed of sound, is more than 25 years old now. In the free app Sonic Dash, his dash move takes you into an endless running game. You swipe past obstacles in brilliant 3D environments as he dodges and jumps the hazards and barriers, and defeats enemies with his terrible homing attack.

The classic game world of Sonic looks really stunning on an Android phone or tablet. All of Sonic’s friends are there, and you can choose to play as one of them – Tails, Knuckles and all the rest. His big rivals are also present, of course. Scheming Dr. Eggman… deadly Zazz… Sonic’s agility and super speed must take down these villains.

You get to unlock or win various power-ups, get more rewards the more you play, complete unique missions to increase your score, and you win Red Star Rings and more characters when you play in Daily Challenges. Compete with friends on the leaderboards or invite them on Facebook.


sonic-dashDownload Here


Crazy Taxi Classic

Keep picking up customers and make crazy money

Remastered, the free Crazy Taxi Classic game comes alive as an Android app. As they have done for the best part of twenty years, players drive their customers to their destinations at break-neck speed and earn crazy money.
Have fun getting through the traffic, the parking garages and all other obstacles on city roads as a Crazy Taxi driver. You can select games with different time spans in Arcade Mode or Original Mode and begin the mad dash to your destination to the sounds of the same punk rock soundtrack used in the original game. The fare you’ve earned displays at right, the distance to the destination at left and the green arrow is there to indicate the way forward.



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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Keeping Earth safe from the alien swarms is all up to you

Save the Universe in this Android version of classic shoot ’em up space fighting video games. The adaptation provides great graphics and touchscreen control for tracing your ship’s path with your finger and for killing your enemies with a simple tap. Your mission is to destroy the hordes of enemy ships that are threatening life as you know it.

Special challenges involve getting through fields of asteroids and extreme boss battles, and you can earn options to upgrade or change your weapons. There are a hundred levels of difficulty to work through, and the game has a multi-player mode. You can compete in pairs, or use endless mode which means lasting as long as possible in the incredible world of hostile forces in the galaxy.



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Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

Re-live all the fun of pinball games right on your phone

Experience the good old days of pinball games with customizable tables for eight retro games come in the free Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded (PD:R). Each has a unique play style.

  • Space Frontier for exploring the galaxy
  • Brix for brick breaking at 50 different levels
  • Carnival for playing in the Mirror House’s reverse gravity
  • Wilde West where you run the bandits out of town
  • Treasure Hunter for undersea hunting
  • Fastball – where else can you score so many runs?
  • The Apparatus for the analytical minded
  • Bagaball – real nostalgia

The phone screen graphics are fantastic. There are mini-games, collectible mods to customize the tables, lots of action, trophies to be won, powerballs, and multi-player support. Score high with PD:R.



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Block Puzzle

Calling all puzzle addicts!

Never stop playing the totally absorbing classic game of Block Puzzle. It’s simple and simply addictive, but so much fun.

The free Android version of Block Puzzle has a fascinating interface where you drag your blocks to create complete lines vertically and horizontally on the grid. There are two modes – ‘Classic‘ for an untimed game, which can be put on hold if you have to take time out, and ‘Survival‘ for a speeded up game requiring fast decision making. Block Puzzle is a great free game for all ages in which you challenge yourself to keep working at improving on your highest score.



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