Top 5 Flashlight Apps for Android

While a flashlight widget is included on most Android phones, you may prefer the more powerful options found on an alternative flashlight app. These can range from a more intensive or more concentrated beam of light, or such functions as SOS signaling, strobe lights and faster on/off controls. There are a number of free apps – albeit possibly requiring permissions in addition to the camera, in order to facilitate advertising – that can be quickly and easily downloaded and installed to meet your needs.


High-Powered Flashlight

Just one click to install and you’re ready to turn your phone into a bright LED flashlight. A quick tap accesses the clean, easy-to-use interface of this super bright flashlight app that is complete with a compass – great for night-time explorers of the great outdoors!

It also has a strobe mode with ten frequencies and a built-in SOS signal, too. Whether you’re a camping and hiking enthusiast, and simply want to light your way when you’re walking the dog at night, or just need help in finding the right key in the dark, you’ll be glad you installed this free Android flashlight app.


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With a simple name, this is a simple but beautifully designed free Android app. It’s simply a light – but a very bright light that turns on instantly and stays on when the screen’s off or locked. Represented by a simple icon on your home screen, it turns on instantly, is battery efficient and, while it is designed to use the phone’s LED camera flash to emit light, it will turn on the display light if there is no flash function present on the device.



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Super Bright LED Flashlight

Promoted as the Best & the Brightest Flashlight in the world, this software will certainly light up the dark in an emergency. It turns on quickly and easily whether for normal lighting use or as emergency lighting. The strobe function has nine frequencies and is ideal for party lighting or location tracking. Placed on your home screen, the free Android app’s widget provides instant-on convenience while the app’s interface is designed to feel like a tactical flashlight with easy-to-use strobe control.

It is a multi-flashlight app providing powerful LED light using your camera’s flash but also provides a lesser degree of light as an emergency flashlight that does not require any permissions other than for the camera. Its many functions make it ideal for situations from lighting a room during a power outage to making yourself visible on dark roadsides to retrieving dropped items at night – outside or even inside when you don’t want to turn on the electric light.



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Flashlight – Torch LED light

If you’re looking for a fully-featured flashlight app, this software is possibly the most featured on the market, free or otherwise. It has an intuitive interface for light, strobe speed control, a battery indicator, an energy-saving light, a clapping on/off control, a timer and a magnifying glass.

The front camera light and video are used to enable you to zoom in on what you need to see in the dark. You are provided with not only powerful light that can be set up with a timer to turn off as needed, but a useful magnifying glass, too. It’s fully optimized for tablets as well as phones.



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Tiny Flashlight + LED

This app is just what it says – a tiny free Android flashlight app. It has, however, a number of screen modes and strobe, color and blinking light functions, and Morse code with text support. A highly optimized app, it is very reliable and designed to conserve battery life and memory use.

It uses the screen light, for which it has several color modes, when there is no camera present, making is useful for older phones. The many color options make it a fun app going so far as providing police lights in red and blue and flashing lights that mimic roadworks warning lights. The home page widget is available in different layouts, and the layout of the interface is highly comprehensive.



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From Artline’s simple Flashlight to the multi-function Super Bright LED Flashlight from Surpax Technology, the above apps provide a variety of top choices once you have made the decision to install an Android flashlight app on your phone.