Top 5 Food Delivery Services

Hungry, and going out of the house is out of the question? If that’s the case, then you can let your fingers and your phone do the talking with the best food delivery services out there. And no, we are not just talking about pizza. With these food delivery services, you can order whatever tickles your fancy.

And what’s more interesting is that some of the best service providers out there now carry apps, giving you more flexibility and comfort in choosing the food you want, from your favorite stores. To celebrate this convenience called online food delivery service, we look at the top 5 best food delivery services out there.




Headquartered in Chicago, GrubHub is one of the leading companies that offer food delivery services. As an online platform for food ordering and delivery, GrubHub connects customers to stores and restaurants so they can enjoy the best food at home.

The service currently covers more than 1,300 cities in the United States and the United Kingdom and has partnered with 75,000 stores and restaurants. Restaurants simply outsource the delivery service to Grubhub, and customers will pay various fees, depending on the store.

First time users are offered free delivery, with subsequent promotions offering discounts as well as free delivery.




DoorDash connects customers to the best food businesses and stores in their respective cities. Available as an app in addition to its website, the service is easy to use, and requires the submission of a zip code or delivery address to ensure an efficient delivery.

Currently, the company serves a number of cities in the US and Canada including Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Columbus, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver to name just a few. The company charges various fees, which take into account the actual price of the food ordered, delivery fees and other service fees.

For first time users, several restaurants offer free delivery.




Eat24hours offers a seamless way to enjoy different types of food at the comfort of one’s home. Ordering and enjoying the food can be done in 3 simple steps – enter the delivery address, select the restaurant and order it online. To ensure that customers will have ample choices, the company has partnered with 40,000 restaurants in more than 1,500 cities around the US.

Customers can expect round the clock service and attention, thanks to responsive customer support that’s available 24/7. It also provides exclusive offers to frequent customers, including an efficient re-ordering and pre-ordering systems.




From groceries to food, Favor delivers it fresh and in just one hour. As a food delivery service provider, the company provides its customers with a fast and efficient way of looking for restaurants and ordering food.

To order, customers need to indicate the delivery zone or address and indicate the orders. Once confirmed, Favor then submits these to their Runners who will satisfy the delivery requests. Delivery fees depend on your city address but normally varies from 5% to 9%.



ZULAFOOD offers local restaurant delivery services for those looking for that instant food fix. With ZULAFOOD, customers can order on the phone or online, and can even schedule food orders.

The fees charged by the company start at $2.99 and will vary depending on the distance between the store and the delivery location. Convenience fees may be added on the receipt, so it’s best to verify the results of the order transaction.