Top 5 Free Android Emulators to Run Apps on a PC

Whatever the reason you’re looking for an Android emulator for your Windows PC, you’ll find many from which to choose. While some may prove highly suitable for app developers to test and debug their work, others are well-suited to providing gamers with the enjoyment of having a larger screen and easier play. An emulator also saves on the battery life of the Android phone, provides the convenience of keyboard, mouse, and gamepad over the touchscreen, and enables the use of macros and other shortcuts. Most emulator software is integrated with the Google Play Store for convenience in adding games. These five free emulators all allow you to play mobile games on your computer smoothly and easily, and faster as well.

BlueStacks App Player

Easy to set up emulator with no technical knowledge required

Possibly the best-known emulator – a pioneer of mobile game emulation, BlueStacks is a favorite among gamers. In fact, it is an Android Gaming Platform rather than an emulator, and it has a reputation for being very easy to set up, so you’ll be able to run Android apps on your computer in no time at all. The latest version is based on Android Nougat, and has low-level usage of both CPU and memory.

The power of Android Nougat ensures a super-high level performance for running mobile games on your PC. Hyper-G graphics are sharper, cleaner, and clearer than graphics display on the small screens of phones and tablets. The simple design of the user interface provides game playing as the core function. The Game Controls window allows easy key management and divides key controls into categories making navigation a breeze – use the defaults or customize them for your personal convenience.

Installing BlueStacks on your system enables you to play multiple games at once – or to play the same game – from multiple Google Play Accounts. Whatever way you choose to run Android apps on your computer – multitask them or just play and live-stream your favorite game – you can count on BlueStacks to make them faster.


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Nox App Player

Play mobile games on your computer complete with keyboard mapping and gestures

While it is a great app for running Android apps on your computer, the Nox App Player is more specifically targeted to gamers. The user interface with its wide range of features takes a little getting used to but, nevertheless, it has become a very popular emulator – particularly among players of large size games.

You are enabled to allocate RAM, specify usage of your CPU and set FPS. In terms of graphics rendering compatibility, you can switch from DirectX to OpenGL. Google Play Store apps are drag and dropable for the Nox Player to install. Functions – including Key mapping (called simulate touch), the Macro Recorder to automate frequently used actions, and the Multi-instance Manager – combine to create a smooth and fast game playing experience.


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Best emulator for Android productivity apps

High-performance MEmu is compatible with Windows PCs, whether they are powered with either Intel Nvidia or AMD chipsets, and supports various versions of Android. In addition to convenient downloading of apps from the Google Play Store, APK files can be run in MEmu, and Android apps can be downloaded to your PC and MEmu will push them to your USB connected phone.

Downloaded and installed, MEmu launches to an interesting user interface with an icon tabbed navigation bar down the right-hand side. It’s fully customizable, however, and the settings tab will provide you with a huge range of options for additional personalizing of the app.

Fully featured for the smooth running of Android apps and mobile games on your computer, MEmu includes:

  • Easy mapping of the keyboard screen touch action
  • Windows and Android file sharing
  • Drag and drop APK installation
  • Run multiple apps simultaneously
  • Flexible customization – CPU and memory use, resolution, root mode
  • Mouse wheel zooming
  • FPS mode to 120 FPS

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Andy OS

Play mobile games on your computer using your phone as a joystick

Andy OS is the Android emulator that seamlessly connects your computer to your phone so that, in addition to being able to run Android apps on your computer, you can receive the SnapChat or Whatsapp messages, sent to your phone, right on your desktop.

Providing the increased storage space of the computer, the emulator integrates with your Google account as well as with your camera and microphone, and sensors. Mobile apps can be downloaded from your desktop browser directly to Andy OS and the Android OS is kept fully updated. And you are able to turn your phone into an additional app controller.

Andy OS is easy both to install and use – just follow the wizard to set things up. The default applications on the main interface are the Play Store, Gmail, news, camera, etc. Just log into your Google account and you’re ready to go. To begin playing mobile games on your computer with the emulator, download and run a game and you will then be able to customize your controls and add the keyboard which you can map to best suit your play.


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A lightweight emulator that delivers a smooth running game experience

The free Ko Player is easy to install. It launches to a simple user interface that is easy to navigate enabling you to run Android apps on your computer just as easily as you run them on your mobile device. It has compatibility, stability and performance advantages over other emulators due to being built on x86 architecture with OpenGL & hardware acceleration.

Drag and drop Play Store and APK files, record and share play with social network access, map your keyboard to streamline controls. KoPlayer provides you with a crisp, clear full-screen display and you can run multiple apps at the same time as well as from multiple accounts. It’s easy to play mobile games on your computer with an emulator specifically designed to provide a spectacular gaming experience.


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