Top 5 Free Animation Apps for Android

While animation is an art and professionals spend many years perfecting their talent, it’s easy to get a start today with one of the many Android animation apps available. Yes, you can have fun creating animations on your phone, and learn a lot about the process at the same time. It may take a little work, but creating your own character and building a story will be rewarding, especially when you work on it with children. Of course, once they learn, they’ll become even better than you, and it will keep them engrossed for hours as they develop the animations they can be proud of.

The apps listed below provide a range of basic tools, pre-developed animations and lots of support in learning to use them with touch or a digital pen. When you’re done, you can save them as GIF animations or videos and share them.


Google Toontastic 3D

Free, easy-to-use app for kids of all ages

Developed by Google, Toontastic 3D is a fun Android animation app for drawing, and animating characters, and creating movies with them. Ready-made characters include pirates, robots, villains, animals and everything you need for telling a story, and you can import photos and other images already stored on your phone. There are easy-to-use drawing tools for designing your own actors which you can then move around as you develop the story. It’s a fun app for both adults and children whether used to create stories, your own news reports, game designs or family albums.

Launch Toontastic 3D and choose Short Story, Classic or a Science Report from the menu. There are prompts to help you as you work:

  • Creating a short story – you are prompted to set the scene, provide a conflict and/or challenge, then a resolution.
  • Classic story – prompts to follow the storyline – great for children.
  • Making a science report – the app prompts you on your hypothesis, experiment and, as you move on, your result and conclusion.

You can create a soundtrack with the built-in tracks or narrate the story, and there’s even an Idea Lab included featuring stories and characters to get you started. Once finished, your animation can be saved to 3D video to store or share. Android 5.0 is required, and permissions depend on what you’re doing with your animation.


Google-Toontastic-3D-Animation-AppDownload Here


FlipaClip – Cartoon animation

Create a digital flip animation the way we did it with pencil and paper in the old days!

Making a cartoon with FlipaClip from Visual Blasters LLC. works on a frame by frame basis. It’s as simple as selecting your options and creating your animation. Once your animations are ‘trained,’ you can start assembling your clip, and the Android animation app automatically develops your cartoon. Teachers find it a very useful tool in the classroom.

FlipaClip’s intuitive tools include:

  • Drawing tools
  • Text tool
  • Frames Manager
  • Timeline
  • Drawing Layers
  • Onion Layers to display before and after frames
  • Audio recording
  • Save to video
  • Social Media sharing

Flipaclip requires Android 4.0.3 and up.



Download Here


Plotagon Story

Cast your actors, develop a storyline and Plotogon Story will make your creation come alive

Create animated videos, record your voice and add a soundtrack and sound effects, then join the moviemaking community and share your animation – you’ll start building a fan base for your work!

Plotagon Story has backgrounds, character traits, wardrobe – everything you need to make your animated movie. This Android animation app meets the multimedia needs of school or business and is great for creating professional animations for the web. The award-winning, intuitive UI makes it easy to create animated characters and movies that look professional.

Create your character using the range of clothing and accessories provided and select from the many scenes available. The Character Creator lets you create avatars – of real or imagined people – just choose from the variety of faces, skin tones, hairstyles, eyes, beards, make-up. Dress them for school, for work or play.

Select a background from more than 150, move your characters in and add your dialogue. Use the provided music, sound effects, voices, emotions, and save your video to MP4 to share or – better still – to use as a school project or as website content.

You’ll need Android 6.0 minimum to run Plotagon Story and a number of permissions if you take advantage of all its features and functions.



Download Here


Stick Fighter

Create stick figures to go to battle with swords, axes, bows, and arrows

A fun Android animation app, Stick Fighter lets you create flipbook-style animations via its simple touchscreen interface. Cartoon battles can be peopled with stick figures which you can edit and save, changing size and colors as you go. Share or interact with friends who have the app installed, or save your animation to export to video which you can view on your computer screen and share on social media.

The very simple user interface provides your frames in a panel for easy access for editing. Give your stick figures their tools as you create each frame and let them face each other in battle.

Stick Fighter is compatible with Android 4.4 and up and some permissions are required depending on how you use it.



Download Here


Animatic by Inkboard

Create hand-drawn animations and use them in text messaging or on social media

Animatic by Inkboard lets you create frame-by-frame GIF animations.

Launching the Android animation app provides you with lots of easy-to-use tools. You have drawing tools that include pencils, markers and crayons, and an eraser. There’s an undo option available as you edit. Each frame includes a ‘shadow‘ version of the previous frame to make it easier to draw its contents.

Preview your creation at any point and easily switch between frames to ensure continuity by editing and adding frames. Adjust the speed of the animation and, once it works to your satisfaction, you can save it as a video to share anywhere – a range of share options are included.

Example animations are included to illustrate the process. You can edit them and use them to get you started or examine the frame-by-frame process to get a grip on the way the app works. From, Inc., Animatic by Inkboard requires Android 4.1 and up and possibly permissions to access your stored images and network connection.



Download Here

What’s your favorite animation app for Android? Let us know in the comment section.