Top 5 Free Battery Charging Apps for Android

Battery charging apps are quite popular as the battery life of your mobile device is as important as the device itself. Being able to charge your battery as quickly as possible is vital as we use our mobile devices for numerous tasks.

Whether you’re using your Android mobile device for organizing your day, tracking appointments, voice and video chat, editing documents, or for playing games, battery life is substantially important.

To facilitate our mobile lifestyle, fast battery charging apps are a necessity. Following are the top 5 apps to quickly charge your Android device’s battery.


Fast Charger Battery Master

Optimize your Android phone’s charging speed with just one click

Fast Charger Battery Master is one of the most downloaded free battery charging apps with more than a million downloads to date. It’s the ultimate solution for improving slow charging caused by connections being open and applications running in the background while the device is charging. It automatically boosts your charging speed by automatically turning off background services and applications like Wifi and Bluetooth. Other one-click performance improvement settings are turning off unnecessary features such as screen rotation and the charging status display.

An even more convenient feature of this battery charging app is the option of selecting the automatic charging mode which can be customized to run as soon as you plug in the charger. Fast Charger Battery Master is compatible with Android 4.2 and up and requires permissions for network access and connection and system settings.


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Fast Charger

Automatically activate to boost your charging speed

Just connect the charger to your Android phone and the free battery charging app will detect it and automatically activate. Easily view and manage the power processes that otherwise slow down the charging speed. The attractive user interface shows the battery capacity and provides a one-click optimization button. Just customize it to suit your usage requirements.

Fast Charger from Battery Apps extends drain time and works as a battery saver for Android 4.0.3 and up and requires several permissions.



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Fast Charger by Onall Apps

Extend the battery life of your Android device by as much as 50%

Onall’s Fast Charger finds and disables all the power-draining apps and settings that slow down the battery charging operation. A free, easy-to-use battery charging app, it helps to extend the life of your battery.

The Fast Charger has a 3 Stage System to regulate charging, provides battery information and ensures the health of the battery, lets you customize settings, and even offers tips for smart battery saving:

  • Scans battery-consuming services
  • Disables apps running unnecessarily
  • Kills tasks with one tap
  • Disables selected apps when the screen’s off
  • Displays accurate battery and charging time remaining
  • Allows you to schedule power saving modes, i.e. work, sleep, etc.
  • Toggles for Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth
  • Brightness control
  • Battery temperature

Fast Charger lets you customize the services to close, then gives you one screen convenience for doing so. You can view diagnostics on the health of the battery and fix power consumption. It supports Android 4 and higher and will need permissions for network access as well as for connection and system settings.



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Next Battery Doctor – Fast Charger

Automatically activate fast battery charging to boost speed on connection

Kill all background apps when you plug the charger into your Android device and click start on the automatically started program’s UI. You’ll achieve faster charging once services like Wifi, Bluetooth, brightness level and screen timeout are disabled. The free battery charging app also improves the life of your battery.

Next Battery Doctor – Fast Charger has a simple UI where you can also check up on your battery’s health by getting specific information including voltage and temperature. Android 4.1 and higher is required and permissions for Wifi and Bluetooth connections and system settings.



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Fast Battery Charger 10x

Get ten times faster charging with Fast Battery Charger 10x

Complete with battery life extending features and battery usage analyzing, the app immediately detects when you connect your charger so that it can control power consumption and optimize the time it takes to charge the battery. The battery charging app’s simple interface allows you to:

  • Disable power-hungry services such G3, Wifi and Bluetooth
  • View charging time until fully charged
  • Display battery status and capacity
  • Stop unneeded background processes from consuming power.

Nermo’s fast battery charging app is compatible with Android 4.1 and up and requires a number of permissions.



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