Top 5 Free Calculator Apps for Android

You might be happy enough with calculator app that came pre-installed on your Android phone but, if you need functions that are more specific to your profession, chosen field of study or other interests, you will definitely want to explore more options.

So, whether you’re looking for more functionality or better design, there are many Android calculator apps available. You may be a student with a primary requirement for making complex scientific or mathematical calculations; you may be a professional wanting to make quick mortgage or loan amortizations; or a traveler who needs to quickly calculate currency transactions, time differences, and fuel costs.

Alternatively, it might be a just matter of figuring out how much the sales tax is going to increase the price of a proposed purchase in a retail store. Whatever the primary purpose, there’s a calculator app for everyone, and a great number of them are free to download.


Calculator Plus Free

Looking very much like a traditional handheld digital calculator, Calculator Plus has all the basic functions for making quick calculations. It has the memory feature found on most digital calculators that stores and recalls calculations made in the past. Easy to use, it will certainly save you time and effort whether for balancing your checkbook, doing your homework or working on your tax return. Design-wise, it provides a comfortably comprehensive display at each stage of your calculation. For complex equations and graphs, a scientific calculator companion app can be downloaded. This option can be found in the Calculator Plus menu.


calculator-plusDownload Here



Providing an attractive interface and several different themes, ClevCalc is really a number of calculators made available in one application including everything from weights and measures converters to body mass index and ovulation calculators. They include:

  • Basic arithmetic, trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
  • Currency conversion of dollars, yen, euros and more than a hundred other world currencies real-time exchange rates.
  • Time conversion for calculating the correct time in hundreds of cities around the world including daylight savings time.
  • Grade point average.
  • Discounts.
  • Sales tax.
  • Loan interest.

ClevCalc is targeted to meeting everyday requirements in a calculator application and is a useful addition to any phone.



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Google Calculator

The default calculator app in current Android smartphones but available for others, Calculator is a basic calculator with a simple design for doing math calculations in portrait-view. Tapping the bar on the right-hand side or turning the device sideways, will bring up the more advanced scientific operations such as constants, logarithms, trigonometry, and exponentials. Its Material Design user interface is attractive and inviting to use for the everyday, to even the most complicated, calculations. Calculator is also a great fully portable application for Android Wear – available wherever you are.



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HiPEr is a powerful scientific calculator supporting all the mathematical functions you can think of – and those you never knew existed. It has a number of different high-quality display themes and screen size options and is highly comprehensive resulting in increasing popularity and a high rating among users. In addition to basic arithmetic operations, the free download version of HiPER has a vast range of functions including but not limited to:

  • advanced number operations
  • 15 digits of significand and 3 digits of exponent
  • more than 90 physical constants;
  • Reverse Polish notation
  • ability to detect repeating decimals
  • numbers can be entered as fractions or converted to fractions
  • trigonometric functions;
  • logarithms, powers, roots
  • degrees and minutes conversion
  • binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems

Truly the calculator app for the scientist, HiPER has various display formats that meet requirements for scientific and engineering functions, different clipboard operations, 10 extended memories, results history and more.



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Multi Calculator

Possibly the best available application for mathematical and financial calculation, Multi Calculator has a number of calculators and converters all in an intuitive and attractive interface. It also works with Android Wear.

The Standard Calculator function is comparable with basic handheld digital calculator functions, with the addition of parenthesis and math operators, and the Currency Converter provides currency exchange rates in real-time. The Interest Calculator has options for every interest function including future value operations, and the Discount, Loan and Health Calculators provide all the functions to determine everyday calculations that can possibly be required.

Download the free Multi Calculator, and you’re set for every shopping trip requirement you may have from unit conversion to size and tax calculations to fuel cost comparisons, and it’ll calculate the tip to leave when you stop for lunch. There’s an Anniversary Calculator too, that lets you add a photo!



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Whether problems are simple or complex, or very complex, there’s an efficient and easy-to-use application among these top Android calculators that will meet all your individual needs.