Top 5 Free Image Hosting Sites

Social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook are not always the best solution for free image hosting. As individual requirements evolve, uploading and sharing images has become more visual and advanced, so it’s best to expand the search for the platforms for managing photos.

And speaking of image hosting capabilities, there are top image hosting websites out there that come for free with the functionality that can make life easier online.


Google Photos


Google Photos offers an automatic backup feature for photos, and starting an account is made easier through the use of an existing Google Account. Through this platform, users can upload, edit and organize all their photos. As a full-featured image hosting site, it also makes sharing of photos online possible with users who currently do not use Google Photos.

Google Photos is the best choice for uploading large quantities and high-quality photos. Users can enjoy unlimited free storage taken by cameras and smartphones. More than just a photo hosting site, Google Photos also offers video uploads in 1080 high definition.




Imgur is an excellent free online image hosting site and is open to users without the need to register an account. Since it’s start, its user base has increased dramatically, which is in line with its efforts to create an online community.

What makes this image hosting site popular is the ability given to individuals to use its platform in an easy way. In just a few clicks, photos can be uploaded in stunning quality. The maximum size that can be uploaded or shared through Imgur is 200 MB for animated GIF photos, and 20 MB for non-animated GIF photos. Images from a personal computer can be shared with the Imgur community or other social media networks using a unique URL.




Flickr has proven to be one of the best free image hosting sites online as it features editing and organizing tools, as well as sharing and uploading. Privacy options can be configured if the user prefers to make other pictures in private or whether only a selected audience can view those photos. The Flickr application is downloadable and uses a platform compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Another special feature of Flickr is the Flickr Uploader tool which allows users to back up photos to Dropbox, Apple iPhoto or other network devices. Maximum image capacity that can be uploaded is 1000 GB.




TinyPic is an online image hosting site by Just like any other image hosting site, TinyPic allows users to share, upload, and link both images and videos online. Each uploaded image gets a unique address once uploaded, and it does not require account registration.

The site allows hosting and uploading of images in various file formats such as PNG, GIF, and JPG. Every time a photo has to be uploaded, the site requires submission of captcha codes for authentication.



Cloud storage is now a popular solution for business owners, and Dropbox is one of the leading providers of this service. With Dropbox, users can store all kinds of photos in varied file formats. A shareable link can be obtained for both single and multiple photos in a folder to be shared with other users.

Dropbox is also made available in mobile devices, as it comes with a downloadable application compatible particularly for Android devices. Another strong feature of Dropbox is its availability of offline viewing in case there is no internet connection. The maximum image free storage is up to 2 GB. As users invite other people to join the service, additional free storage is given to the referrer.