Top 5 Free News Apps for Android

News is something we take in ‘on the go’ today. We no longer need to turn on the radio or television, or buy a newspaper in order to keep up to date with local, national and world events. Everything we want to know about is as close as the Android News Apps on our smartphones.

While news is coming at us from all directions, however, it’s difficult to keep things in perspective – and, unfortunately, to recognize fake news when we see it. Android News Apps organize things for us and filter out what we don’t want to see. There are many to choose from, but careful investigation brings just five to the top of the list.


TopBuzz – Top News and TV

Powered by artificial intelligence, TopBuzz will keep you on top of breaking global news, as well as local news and weather. You can personalize your Top Buzz settings to deliver news and what’s trending from more than 10,000 high-quality news sources, entertainment, music and sports, and odd little amusing anecdotes and tidbits that you can share with your social media contacts.

TopBuzz brings you the live trivia game, Beat the Q where you can win cash prizes with the knowledge you gain from absorbing the world’s news. A totally free personalized view of everything that’s trending, funnies (GIFs, videos, and stories), the weather and sports results – play-by-play too, when you’ve time – all in one app is so convenient.

Android 4.0 or later is required along with a number of permissions for internet connection, location, syncing, etc. It is probably best to check the list of permissions needed to use TopBuzz to its full extent before downloading it.


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Pocket – Read it Later

Pocket is the best Android News App if you’re somebody who likes to scan the headlines and maybe read the news later… or, not. There’s a simple interface that’s easy to read or watch, and free from distraction. You can easily store the news items that you want to come back to in the ‘Read It Later‘ column which can be synced with your tablet and computer to be accessed from the device that is most convenient at the moment. The app can be customized display-wise and personalized so that it brings you the stories and people you most want to follow and you can save items to Pocket from your social media apps, your email and anywhere else on the internet.

There are desktop browser extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox, a Text-to-Speech utility, tags to keep you organized and unlimited storage. Pocket has over 25 million readers spread over more than a hundred countries. The app provides time estimates on how long it will take you to read or watch your saved material. It requires Android 4.0.3 minimum and permissions for internet connection and others such as your contacts depending on personal preferences.



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SmartNews – Breaking News Headlines

Whether from Reuters or AP, TIME or the Huffington Post, SmartNews analyzes millions of news stories and brings you all the breaking news and top trending stories from around the world. Its algorithm curates the day’s ‘must-read‘ stories, presenting you with numerous headlines to flip through. Stories are constantly refreshing so that they are completely current, even if you’re reading them off-line. And, when you do come to read them, there’s a built-in readability mode that is free from distractions and is fast loading. Articles clicked pop-up instantly.

The intuitive interface has tabs at the top for the different news categories. Swipe them left or right, and you’ll see them change, complete with page-turning animation, in amazing fast loading time. The layout of the categories (called channels on SmartNews) can be customized via ‘Channel Settings‘ in the settings list found under the app settings icon. New channels can be added here, too. SmartNews is compatible with any Android version higher than 2.2 and minimum permissions needed are for internet connection and location.



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AP Mobile – Breaking News

Get the news from Associated Press and other trusted news sources in an app with customizable channels and offline availability. Since AP has dedicated reporters all over the world, this is an app that quite possibly provides the best real-time news coverage available.

AP Mobile allows you to stay connected wherever you are in the world and to see breaking stories, trending videos, and to share them with your friends. Its very clean uncluttered interface creates the perception of being the app best suited to the serious reader. At minimum, it requires Android 4.0 and permissions for internet connection.



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News360 – Personalized News

News360 organizes a unique newsfeed for you, bringing you quality content from across the web. As you use it, the app adds stories from sources which it selects based on what you are currently reading. Drawing from over 10,000 sources – from national news to niche blogs – News 360 lets you create a highly tailored single stream of information. You can scan the headlines, read the previews and move on to the content you want to know more about in the app’s very clean, uncluttered interface.

You are able to connect with your social media accounts to share News360 content either from the interface or, after closing by using the News360 widget. Additionally, you can synchronize the app with and access your personalized interests and saved stories on your tablet. Permissions for syncing and accessing your contacts and your devices will be required.



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