Top 5 Free VPNs for Android

A virtual private network or VPN is an encrypted tunnel between your device and your destination on the internet. It creates the perception that you are local to the VPN server, preventing your IP address being identified and giving you access to websites not available in your own area.

Access to a mobile VPN is advantageous in situations other than security when you are using public Wi-Fi. On your regular network connection, you’ll find that use of a VPN is beneficial in that it requires less processing power, allowing all your applications to run faster, saving battery life and memory.

With the ever-increasing use of wireless connectivity, privacy, security, productivity levels and connectivity itself are impacted resulting in a necessity, in many situations, to have access to a VPN. Communication between your device and the VPN server are safely encrypted and all your personal identification protected from internet spies and hackers. There are several free VPNs available with the following five being the most recommended.


Hola Free VPN Proxy

Working via the sharing of idle resources around the world, Hola is basically a peer-to-peer network. The original intention of Hola’s founders was to provide routing to use available effective bandwidth to access websites faster and, therefore, reduce data costs. In doing so, the identity of users becomes impossible to track, so providing privacy and security. Since every user of the free service provides the use of idle bandwidth to the network, fast and anonymous internet access is available anywhere around the world.

Requiring Android 4.0.3 and up, easy-to-use Hola provides unlimited free VPN use in exchange for the use of some of your device’s Wi-Fi and network resources when they are not being used. A premium service is available should you wish to use the service without contributing.


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Opera Free VPN

Free VPN on Opera began as an extension for the Opera browser and was launched as an app for Android and iOS devices in 2016. Servers are available in five regions, with more expected to come on board. You have the ability change your virtual location with Opera’s Android app which has a network scanner to check out IP addresses for activity, usage, and security. Ad tracking is blocked, and content inaccessible from your own network is unblocked. Opera Free VPN requires Android 4.0.3 and up and provides you with:

  • Super-fast reliable VPN services
  • Access via your choice of five virtual locations
  • Unblocked access to network-restricted websites
  • The ability to check out Wi-Fi network security level
  • Connection encryption and protection from threats
  • A built-in ad tracking blocker



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VPN Melon

With high-speed VPN proxy cloud servers in more than 300 locations around the world, VPN Melon provides free unlimited VPN connection time. You get encrypted access from wherever you are and the protection from hackers and ad-trackers that goes with it. VPN Melon uses UDP/TCP VPN protocols to encrypt your data and secure your privacy. You have full access to any internet destination whether you are using public, school or business Wi-Fi or being restricted by your own cellular network

The VPN Melon app, for Android 4.1 and up, provides one-touch connection to a simple, cleanly-designed interface with your choice of proxy servers. No registration is required for unlimited bandwidth encryption of your internet activity and providing you with protection from hackers.



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Yoga VPN

Fast and easy-to-use Yoga VPN supports IPV6 network access and provides a DNS proxy to prevent DNS leaks without any registration being required.

One-touch connection allows you to travel the internet anonymously and free from ad-trackers and hackers. It allows you access to the social networks and video sites blocked by your school or business networks. UDP/TCP encrypts all your data.

Yoga VPN has more than 1000 proxy servers in more than 30 different regions of the world. Android 4.1 and up is required. With Android 5.0, specified app agent support is available giving you the ability to enable VPN for the apps you specify.

  • Unlimited speed and use
  • No credit card required, no payment, no registration required
  • Simple one-touch, easy-to-use connection.
  • Unblocks apps and websites giving access to social media, video and communication websites
  • Bypasses school and business network firewalls
  • Secure private and anonymous encrypted access throughout the internet



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TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN has arguably the best reputation for user-friendliness and is the only VPN with 3rd party audited security. Free users are restricted to 500 Mb a month making it best for selective use in locations where privacy is essential or where censorship prevents access to specific services. You can earn extra data by tweeting about the benefits of using the service. A nice little one-touch widget for your device’s home screen keeps you up to date on the total Mb still available.

A one-tap connection a server location in one of more than 20 countries provides you with lightning-fast access to wherever you want to go with AES-256 bit encryption. Your unlogged online activity is private from hackers, advertisers, and ISPs. Requiring Android 4.1 or higher, this free VPN app comes with responsive 24-hour support.



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