Top 5 Mobile Data Savings Apps for Android

Wireless network providers seem to continually have the upper hand. Change your plan, change your provider, but it’s always the same… the data gets used before the end of the billing cycle, and you’re into excess charges. Even ‘unlimited‘ plans seem to have a cap after which your downloads get throttled.

The good news is that you can get a little more from your plan by managing and tracking your data usage and connection speeds, and there are several good apps to help you do so. Here are five of them:


Datally by Google

Save mobile data with the Android data saving app by Google

Google’s data usage manager helps you to get control of your data and get the full advantage of your data plan in three ways:

  • Understand – view what you use on a regular basis, whether hourly, daily or weekly and get hints on how to save more.
  • Control – use the app’s Data Saver bubble and stop background data usage, track the data your various apps use, as you use them and hold everything with just one tap when you find things running out of control.
  • Save – wherever you happen to be, Datally lets you know when there’s public WiFi available and assists you in connecting.

Take control and download the free tool to save as much as 30% simply by getting control of the data usage of each of the apps you use. In addition, get a thorough understanding of your usage through Datally’s metrics – current usage, usage history and ongoing trends. You’ll even be reminded to turn on your data saver. Use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that Datally sets up on your phone to block unwanted data, and find WiFi to get off the mobile network when you want to watch videos and download large files.

Datally requires Android 5.0 and up and access to your location, your phone and VPN, and in some cases SMS.


Datally-by-GoogleDownload Here


My Data Manager – Data Usage

Discover savings potential of data usage cost control

My Data Manager is the Android data saving app from Mobidia. Learn to understand your usage, monitor roaming and WiFi, and avoid overage costs. When you use the app on a daily basis, you’ll know exactly how much data you’ve used – and you’ll receive alerts when you’re getting close to your limit. All devices on your shared or family plan can be tracked so that you are in full control.

Manage data usage by seeing which of your frequently used apps is consuming the most data and set up alerts. My Data Manager is free to download. Upon launching it, you complete the field for your data cap and your billing cycle, and customize alerts for the various thresholds that best help you to evaluate your usage. Once underway, you are provided with a history of your consumption in comprehensive chart or graph form. Android 4.0 or later is required.



Download Here


3G Watchdog – Data Usage

Let the watchdog protect you from extra data charges

3G Watchdog is an engaging Android tool developed by Youtility Mobile to monitor internet data usage. Originally developed for 3G, hence the name, the app is continually upgraded and currently supports monitoring 4G, 3G, Edge, GPRS and WiFi usage. Once you define a threshold, you can set an option to actually turn off network access automatically when you reach it.

Download the free 3G Watchdog data usage manager, complete the settings for your plan details and click through to alerts to determine which you’ll use. Once set up, the main interface will display your current usage in the status bar, and your total usage in a graph, table and text form by day, week and month, and by application. There is a separate tab to display WiFi usage, and your toolbar is at the bottom of the screen.

The application includes data usage widget and a disable/ enable widget for your mobile network. A history table can be displayed and exported to CSV. 3G Watchdog comes in multiple languages.



Download Here


DataEye | Save Mobile Data

An Android data saving app that provides you with ‘data free’ applications

DataEye is a unique data usage app in that its creator, Lotus Flare Inc., works with application developers, content managers and networks to give you access to apps and content using ‘sponsored‘ data for specified periods of time. It even keeps a running total on how much data you’ve saved while using them.

Like other data usage managers, DataEye shows you how much data your various applications are using and provides the tools to block them, preventing both the data and battery use of background apps.

The main screen gives your three tabs.

  • Home – Current status, data saved, data used and top usage apps for mobile and Wifi on separate tabs.
  • All My Apps – Apps that are currently open and those that are blocked.
  • Offers – Your currently activated offers and those that are available, complete with details of the offer.

Manage your data even while roaming, turn access to hungry apps off or on as you need them, and get amazing offers on data-free use of some of the most popular mobile applications. Data Eye requires minimum Android 4.0.



Download Here


Data Usage – Call Timer

An all-in-one data storage manager and call controller

Data Usage – Call Timer is what is says – an Android data saving app and call manager. It’s a Plan Manager that configures for the 3G and 4G service of a range of carriers and monitors phone calls too, with auto hang-up and redial and call time limiter.

Download free Data Usage – Call Timer and get control of the money you spend on your phone/data plan. Launch the application’s attractive, bright interface and input call rates and free-call numbers in the Call Timer, your SMS cost and the amount of the bandwidth on your plan. Set up alerts for both calls and data usage.
Be absolutely precise and you’ll know exactly what you’ve spent at any time. This tool has so many functions:

  • Data Manager
  • Call tracker
  • Export to Excel
  • Data Tracker for mobile, Wi-Fi, roaming, 3G, and 4G
  • Alerts
  • App Tracking
  • Statistics display
  • Widgets showing real-time usage
  • Mobile Number Locator
  • Block chargeable calls to seconds
  • Limit international and roaming calls
  • Limit calls to the free minutes if applicable to your plan
  • Auto hang-up and redial
  • Status bar notifications
  • Pre-configure to when you want the app to be enabled

A TouchSpot MX application, Data Usage-Call Timer requires Android 4.0 and up.



Download Here

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