Top 5 Music Apps for Android

Smartphones multi-task as music players nowadays. We browse the world wide web with it, watch and stream our favorite movies and TV shows through it and play music to make our lives better using our mobile phones.

Yes, free music is a lot easier to access as well. Truth be told, we don’t have to resort to piracy to get to play music we want.

You can undoubtedly find and play any song you want legally these days. All you need are a couple of apps to stream and download the tunes you love and discover new ones while you’re at it.

We are listing the top 5 music apps that stand out above the rest, and they are as follows:


Top 5 Music Apps for Android
Software Name Description Required Android Version
Spotify Music
An extensive list of music, personalized playlists, and recommendations. Varies with device
SoundCloud – Music & Audio Newest music, over 150 millions songs, all genres. 4.1 and up
Free Music Unlimited music, no subscription required. Includes local MP3 player. 4.0.3 and up
Pandora Music Create your own stations, quickly find your favorite song. Varies with device
YouTube Music Continuous, personalized music with accompanying videos, live recordings, and classics. 4.1 and up


Spotify Music

Spotify is one of the best music apps you can download and install on your Android device. The variety of music it offers takes the cake. It presents a library of millions of songs and playlists by various users.

You can create music playlists, edit other users playlists, follow artists and other users, listen to other users choice songs, access podcasts, video content and related music.

In a way, this app has everything you want to listen to and more. Spotify studies your listening habits, the genre or artist you prefer and customizes recommended music.

Premium version has no ads and allows unlimited skips, track downloading and offline listening.

You’ll get suggestions through the Discover Weekly playlist of 30 songs, refreshed every Monday. You can share playlists, albums, artists and more from Spotify to your connected social media accounts.

spotifyDownload here: Spotify Music


SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud Free allows users to access 125 million tracks – the most extensive library of music as of today featuring popular and indie artists alike.

Like the previous app, you can also get music suggestions based on your likes and listening habits.

Users can create playlists to listen to anywhere. SoundCloud allows you to connect with other users and artists directly.

The premium version allows you to download music and listen offline. No ads as well. Through the premium version, you can access 150 million tracks and artists’ playlists.



Download here: SoundCloud – Music & Audio


Free Music

This app is a music player client for SoundCloud. It allows you to listen to music without the subscription limit of SoundCloud.

Literally free, with Free Music, you can listen to tracks sorted according to genres, album, artists and so on. Tag songs from music lists as your favorite and create playlists as well.

Unlike the previous two, this app also works as an MP3 player for your local and cloud music files, but it isn’t a music downloader.


Download here: Free Music


Pandora Music

Pandora is an internet radio app only available in the US. It allows users to enjoy personalized music according to their tastes.

This app allows you to create stations or will recommend stations based on what your doing or your mood.

The premium version allows you to create playlists instead of stations, listen offline and on-demand with unlimited skips and repeat.


Download here:  Pandora Music


YouTube Music

Youtube, primarily a video streaming site, came out with YouTube Music a free app with ads. You can use it for free or pay for a YouTube Red subscription.

Not to be confused with Google Play Music, YouTube Music is what Messenger is for Facebook.

Search for specific songs, artists or albums using YouTube music which apparently has 30 million tracks in its library. Or play live concert footage as music or karaoke tracks, something you can’t do with other music apps.

Embedded lyrics and instructional videos and more, make it worth your while to check out.


Download here: YouTube Music