Top 5 Secure Cleaning Tools for Android

When it comes to the point where you literally find yourself without the space to store pictures or even install a new application, it’s definitely time to clean out that phone. There are a number of free cleaner applications available that will give you faster phone speed, by removing the junk in the form of obsolete files, logs and cache files, and optimizing memory.


Top 5 Secure Cleaning Tools for Android
Software Name Description Required Android Version
CCleaner for Android
Popular cleaner that removes junk and obsolete files, reclaim valuable storage space, boost speed. Android 4.1 and up
Avast Cleanup & Boost Efficient cleaner that removes leftover and non-essential files, optimizes your phone, view and transfer all files to the cloud. Varies with device
Norton Clean, Junk Removal Removes junk files, includes memory cleaner and optimizer, App manager, and more. Android 4.1 and up
Clean Master Space cleaner and booster to speed up your phone, plus features to secure your privacy. Varies with device
Super Cleaner Junk and cache cleaner, cpu cooler, phone and game booster, app lock, battery saver, and more. Android 4.0 and up


CCleaner for Android

CCleaner for Android, from Piriform, optimizes and cleans your phone or tablet by removing the application cache, browser history, and obsolete files, and deleting call logs and text messages, using the filter you select. It provides the ability to streamline and reclaim storage space on the device by quickly uninstalling unneeded applications and boosting speed in the process.

CCleaner monitors CPU usage, RAM, storage space as well as battery levels and temperature. The free application is compact, requires a low level of system resources to operate and the intuitive user interface is simple and convenient to navigate. Just download and install on any or all of your Android devices.


CCleaner-AndroidDownload here: CCleaner for Android


Avast Cleanup & Boost

Another efficient Android phone cleaner, Avast’s utility removes leftover files and unused apps with just a tap to disable/remove non-essential files and programs to optimize your device.

Download and install free Avast Cleanup & Boost to your mobile device. Open the application and start basic cleaning by just tapping the ‘Safe Clean‘ button to bring up a configuration window. Click ‘Settings‘ and select the files types to be deleted. Once configured, tapping the ‘Safe Clean‘ button at any time will instantly clean up unnecessary data, caches, thumbnails, installation and other residual files.

The ‘Media & Files‘ button on the interface will give you an overview of all your files and ‘Transfer to Cloud‘ gives you access to any of the major cloud storage systems.



Download here: Avast Cleanup & Boost


Norton Clean, Junk Removal

Norton’s Android app and memory cleaner sweeps clean your memory cache and storage to remove clutter and speed up performance as efficiently as we’ve all come to expect from a Norton application.

Downloaded and installed, Norton Clean, Junk Removal will analyze the contents of the device, allowing you to identify apps you don’t use, and safely remove the junk that clogs memory and storage space.

  • Cache Cleaner – cleans cache system files left by uninstalled applications
  • Junk Remover – analyses clean up to safely remove the junk files
  • APK File Remover – removes obsolete Android Package (.apk) files
  • Residual File Remover – accurately deletes cache and residual files
  • Memory Optimizer – sweeps clean the junk files that compromise memory and performance
  • App-Specific Cache Cleaner – cleans cache of specific apps
  • App Manager – uninstalls unwanted and background applications and moves rarely used apps to SD memory.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal requires Android OS 4.1 or later and there are conditions associated with the activation of the free download.



Download here: Norton Clean, Junk Removal


Clean Master

In addition to being an optimization, space cleaner tool, Clean Master from Cheetah Mobile also helps you to secure your privacy. From the easy to navigate interface, quickly clean your phone with a one tap ‘Junk Clean‘ to delete all junk files from your device, including all the cache data from your social media apps, to provide faster phone speed.

PC Boost‘ stops unnecessary startup programs, speeds up boot time and optimizes system and network settings to improve speed and eliminate system lagging. ‘Privacy Clean‘ fixes any privacy and disclosure risks and blocks unwanted access.



Download here: Clean Master


Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner is a highly respected and rated (4.7 rating on Google Play) freeware Android phone cleaner. Featuring a junk cleaner, device optimizer, app manager, and memory booster, it also includes a CPU cooler, auto-start manager, app manager, and has multi-language support.

Download and install Super Cleaner for faster phone speed with this huge range of one-tap tools:

  • Junk Cleaner – analyzes and safely removes junk files to free up space and give you faster phone speed
  • Cache Cleaner – cleans up useless cache files left by uninstalled apps
  • CPU Cooler – analyzes CPU usage cool down CPU temperature
  • Security & Antivirus – world-class virus detection engine protects your device from all virus attacks
  • Phone booster – cleans background tasks and frees up RAM
  • Game booster – frees up memory space to speed performance
  • Battery saver – analyzes battery status to enable extended battery life
  • App lock – allows encryption for sensitive apps
  • App manager – intelligently manages the status of all applications

Super Cleaner also compiles all those useless notifications that annoy you, for even more cleaner, quieter and more efficient device performance.



Download here: Super Cleaner


Time to clean out your Android phone or tablet? Any one of these free Android phone cleaners will do the job for you. Download one of them today and enjoy faster phone speed right away.