Top 5 Tools to Repair Windows and Fix Your Computer

It would be nice if your Windows OS always worked as smoothly as it did when it was first installed. Unfortunately, making changes, installing and uninstalling software and zapping malware all tend to leave behind traces that invariably cause problems.

Fixing computer system issues is not everybody’s forte. No problem – there are many utilities available to help you find and fix your computer’s apparent bad behavior. Here’s a selection of five free portable applications which will identify and repair Windows issues.

Windows Repair Toolbox

An on-the-fly program that quickly and easily fixes your problems

Windows Repair Toolbox provides access to tools to fix computer system issues. The comprehensive user interface displays tabs for Tools, Malware Removal, Final Tests and Settings.

The Tools window provides buttons for tools categorized in Hardware, Useful Tools, Repairs, Backup and Recovery, Windows and Uninstallers categories. These categories have buttons for specific tools within the category. Depending on the category, clicking a specific button locates and downloads the correct version of the required tool on the internet. Alternatively, it opens the tool if it is already available on the system. It will also open such Windows utilities as Chkdsk, MSConfig and Regedit. The tools window displays system information.

The Malware Removal window works in much the same way and, in addition, enables you to update Windows, Adobe Flash, Java, and Adobe Reader. You are also provided with the percentage of usage of resources and CPU temperature.

Final Tests provides a quick check of the system to ensure selected programs are installed, file associations are opening the required program, whether your webcam or microphone is working, etc. The Settings tab enables you to update programs, clear downloads, backup and restore, make changes to the appearance of the program and more.


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SysInternals Suite

Troubleshooting tools and help files in a single suite

SysInternals Suite contains over 60 troubleshooting tools to fix computer system issues. Chief among these are:

  •  Autoruns which enables you to see all the programs and services configured to run upon launch and the order in which they are processed.
  •  Microsoft Process Monitor which shows complete information on the programs running and the resources they’re using, allowing you to troubleshoot an application or system issue through monitoring the registry, threads, DLLs and file system.
  •  AccessEnum lets you view file system directory permissions and registry keys and save them for comparison purposes.

Other useful tools include RootkitRevealer, a tool for identifying malware, PageDefrag to defragment both paging file and Registry, TCPView to watch your network. There are many more tools included in SysInternals Suite that will enable you to maintain and repair Windows.


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Three-tab navigation to fix file associations, remove restrictions, and pinpoint problems

A useful, lightweight application, FixMy10 is very easy to use to quickly fix computer system issues. The three tabs on the main interface open the File Associations Fixer, the Restriction Fixer, and the Advanced tab provides tools to repair Windows problems in the desktop and Windows Explorer, internet and connection issues and system difficulties. Additionally, a Home tab (the default) enables you to create a restore point, scan and automatically fix corrupted system files and repair components.

Very simple to operate, FixMy10 provides relevant Fix buttons alongside the individual extensions in the File Associations Fixer window. The Restriction Fixer window provides a scan button to find any restrictions and a button to remove them.

The Advanced window is in three parts:

  • Desktop and File Explorer where you have FIX buttons and – where relevant – RESET buttons alongside the problem.
  • Internet & Connections where Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer settings, Internet Protocol, and DNS Cache issues can all be fixed.
  • A system where issues such as new device detection and Script Host Access, System Restore problems can be rectified.

A Tools tab on the menu bar gives access to system tools including Registry Editor, Task Manager, MS Config, and the Command Prompt and System Restore so that the versatile Windows repair utility is easy to operate for users of all experience levels.


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FixWin for Windows 10

Optimize system performance by repairing Windows 10 problems

A Welcome screen, on the launch of FixWin for Windows 10, provides system info on your operating system and enables you to quickly run the System File Checker Utility, Re-register Store Apps, Repair Windows System Image and Create Restore Point. There is also a Search For More Fixes button should you require further fixes. Once these steps are taken, you can click through to the windows listed in the left-hand panel. These are:

  • File Explorer – to fix File Explorer problems.
  • Internet & Connectivity – to repair any internet problems resulting from upgrading your Windows OS.
  • Windows 10 – to fix specific Windows 10 issues.
  • System Tools – Fixes for built-in tools not be working properly and Advanced System Information.
  • Troubleshooters – Direct links to Windows Troubleshooters.
  • Additional Fixes

In each window, the problem has both a Fix button and a help button describing its function. This ensures the utility of being foolproof for even the most inexperienced user to operate. After each fix, a popup window reminds you to restart the system before going on to further fixes.


Download Here | Visit Developer’s Website Windows Repair

Advanced tool will fix the majority of known Windows problems

The attractively designed – Windows Repair user interface presents a Pre-Repair tab in a Welcome screen, plus buttons to four Getting Started steps. Warnings and putting specific safeguards in place are highly stressed. Remaining tabs are Backup Tools, Repairs-Main and Settings.

The utility includes a wide range of mini-fixes to repair Windows – such common issues as file permissions, firewall, and update problems. The various fixes can be quickly located, selected and put into action. Alternatively, original Windows settings can be restored.

The Repairs-Main window provides categorized preset buttons for All Repairs, Common Repairs, Malware Cleanup Repairs, Permissions Only and Windows Updates. There is also an Open Repairs button where repairs can be checked or unchecked in the entire list of repairs. Checkboxes are available for running and editing custom scripts, applying system tweaks and restarting or shutting down.

Once you have selected a preset or individually selected repairs and set the restart/shutdown options, you click the Start Repairs button and the progress of the repairs being made is displayed on the screen. Once finished, a window is displayed so that you can check to restart the system.

While it is a fairly lightweight application, Windows Repair is deceptively powerful that constantly guides you in the steps and safeguards that prevent problems from getting exacerbated.


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