Top 5 Android Video Converters

Watching videos, video clips and even movies on Android has become commonplace today. This naturally has led to the need for apps that will facilitate such things as converting video file formats from one to another, trimming selected ranges, or extracting audio without having to transfer the file to a computer. A number of applications have been developed to meet requirements, to varying degrees, for converting video file formats and extracting audio to convert and save to music files.

Android video converters have similar layouts and operate with a basic upload, select the appropriate output format and output location procedure. However, a little investigation is needed to ensure you select the one that will best suit your needs. The five listed here support various video and audio formats and provide a range of converting, trimming, re-sizing, extracting and editing metadata functions.


MP3 Video Converter

Convert, resize or trim your videos with the popular and proven MP3 Video Converter

Highly ranked worldwide, the free MP3 Video Converter from Springwalk Inc. has, in just two years, become one of the most popular Android apps available.

While it was originally developed to extract audio from video, it also converts video to MP4 and supports 3GP, WEBM, WMV, FLV and more video formats, as well as MP3, AAC and OGG among its range of audio formats.

You can edit the extent of the video using the preview or use the manual settings. The file size can be reduced by changing the bitrate and there is a built-in media browser. You can edit the metadata to reflect your changes. It also works well with other applications.

MP3 Video Converter is an excellent application for:

  • Converting video
  • Extracting audio from video
  • Fast encoding
  • Previewing the entire video
  • Setting ranges manually
  • Changing the bitrate
  • Reducing file size
  • Editing metadata
  • Browsing both video and audio

The application requires Android 4.1 and access to media and image files, storage directories network and location.


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Video to MP3 Converter

Best Android video converter for audio extraction to high-quality mp3

Simple to use, Video to MP3 Converter is targeted to users whose primary objective is extracting specific portions of audio from a video file as in creating personalized ringtones. In addition to extracting audio, the app’s integrated video and MP3 cutters can be used to trim video and audio. Output to AAC is available in addition to MP3. Fast video conversion supports common formats such as MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, etc. and music files can be played with a single tap.

Video files can be imported from the folder or directory where they are stored. Just import the file you want to use in the intuitive interface, select the output format and tap the Convert button. Progress is tracked in the notification tray by percentage.

The free accountlab developed app requires Android 2.3.3 and up and access to your media files.



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Free Video Converter, Video Compressor – VidCompact

Fast and convenient video converting, compressing, cutting or compacting…

VidCompact is a very easy-to-use Android app for converting video to MP4. Most common formats – AVI, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, etc. – are supported. Compacting and compressing functions may prove incredibly useful if your storage space is limited and especially, too, in regard to creating clips to share on social media which can be done from within the app.

The interface provides three options:

  • Trim and Compress to select and cut a segment from the video and reduce its size.
  • Batch compression – work with two or more videos simultaneously.
  • Convert to MP4 – select output duration & resolution your selection is converted to MP4

From the Sha EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker Studio, free VidCompact provides you with super fast video conversion and compression and will not reduce video quality when you convert, trim and cut any video. Clips uploaded to social media adjust to the individual platform requirements and there is support for 30 languages. Android 4.0 and up is required.



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Video to MP3 Converter – MP3 Video Converter

Cut and trim videos, extract and convert audio to MP3

Video to MP3 Converter lets you cut and trim MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV and other video files to quickly extract audio to create MP3 or AAC files with all kinds of additional options. You can edit metadata, boost the sound, set the bitrate for conversion, and there’s a separate Ringtone setting for the best ever result.

The three functions provide a Video Trimmer and Cutter to create a video clip fast, a Video to MP3 Converter to convert the selection to MP3 and an MP3 Video Converter to extract music from a video. Whether you want to listen to music files on your phone, make audio clips or ringtones, you won’t find a more simple, easy to use and fast as this free Android video converter from Inshot Inc. Android 4.3 is required.



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Video To MP3 Converter by Accountstudio

Get immediate access to any video on your system to convert to MP3

Just open Video To MP3 Converter by Accountstudio and you’ll see a list of all the videos on your device. Select a file and begin your conversion. You have the option of Simple or Advanced modes, check the output (MP3 or AAC) format you require and, if you’re using Advanced Mode, the bitrate required.

Once the video is converted to MP3, you can view and edit it in the easy to navigate Output Section.

MP3 Converter by Accountstudio supports all common video formats, is based on FFmpeg and libmp3lame libraries, and is free to use. It is a fast and simple to use converter requiring Android 2.3.3 and up and access to your media files.



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Your choice of Android video converters depends on your personal objective. However, these particular five apps are all highly dependable and the most popular in terms of worldwide downloads and installs. They should provide you with enough valuable information to enable you to make a decision on the best app to download for the intended purpose.