Top Five Office Apps for Android Devices

Most of us work in the digital sphere whether we’re in our office, at home, or on the go. The need for efficient and robust mobile office apps is a given in today’s fast-paced society. There are a number of effective apps available for our smartphones and tablets that make tedious office work much easier to manage. We’re highlighting five apps that will work efficiently on your Android device.


Top Five Office Apps for Android Devices
Software Name Description Required Android Version
Google Docs
Effective and efficient mobile office app to create and edit docs. Varies with device
WPS Office + PDF All-in-one app that includes all the essential office apps for word processing, presentation, spreadsheets, and PDF. 4.0 and up
OfficeSuite : Free Office + PDF Editor & Converter Complete mobile office suite that features the usual apps as well as text-to-speech, file manager, and PDF security. 4.1 and up
Microsoft Office Mobile Excellent mobile office suite built by Microsoft, so compatibility issues are non-existent. 4.4 and up
Great collaboration and communication tool. Effective for managing projects from start to finish. Varies with device


Google Docs

Easily create and edit documents on the go with this app. If you’re using your smartphone, just use the Google Doc app and create a Google document. If you’re using a laptop, hop onto to your saved document on Google Drive and proceed from where you left.

The comment feature will help you make notes in your work and attend to them later. It’s also a great collaboration tool, and two users could work on the same document simultaneously enabling better coordination with each other. Collaborate with your workers and friends instantaneously which improves business productivity.

Share it with anyone and even decide whether they can simply view the document or be able to edit it. Additionally, you can also work offline on Google Docs. When you have an internet connection, the document will sync itself automatically so that others can view it.

google-docsDownload here: Google Docs


WPS Office + PDF

WPS Office is a multi-functional office suite that can be installed on all Android devices for free. It has all the essential word processor functions like Word, Spreadsheet, Memo, PDF, Presentation and more. Moreover, it is compatible with its Microsoft counterpart. The app can also convert PDF files to Word in a few simple clicks. It’s quite handy since a lot of the documents you would be receiving may be in the PDF format.


Download here: WPS Office + PDF


OfficeSuite : Free Office + PDF Editor & Converter

If you’re looking for the ultimate office productivity software, this is an excellent choice.

If you want an app that will let you view, edit and create documents in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, then this one will be perfect for you. It also performs advanced PDF operations, including PDF to Word conversion. We have found the conversions to be largely error-free and coming from MobiSystems; updates are frequent.

Additional features include a spell checker that supports 40+ languages, cloud storage for your files, advanced security, digital signature support, work on multiple docs simultaneously, and much more.

With an integrated file manager, it’s a one-stop solution.


Download here: OfficeSuite : Free Office + PDF Editor & Converter


Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office suite is one of the most popular software collections for professionals. The Microsoft Office Mobile apps have been specially designed in a manner similar to the computer software. Your productivity will surely rise once you download the app and discover its user-friendly GUI. With an innovative touch experience and the same old features, this is a must-have.


Download here: Microsoft Office Mobile



If you’re looking for an app that makes team communication easier leading to better productivity, then Slack will serve your purpose. Create a to-do list and involve all the necessary people, tools, and data so that your projects are completed successfully. It’s one of the most popular platforms today to monitor and manage everything from how a project is progressing, assigning tasks or handling project deadlines efficiently.


Download here: Slack

Make your Android device smarter and whizz away through all your daily tasks.