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Software Product Description

pElement is a free interactive reference tool on the periodic table. It contains over 65 information items on each element, user selectable skins, 12 colored maps, find element tool, unit conversion tool and more!

Examples of information provided in the program include melting point, boiling point, density, year discovered, oxidation states, electronegativity, electron configuration, crystal structures and lattice parameters of all stable phases at atmospheric pressure (190+ total phases), and half-lives and decay modes of 660+ radioactive isotopes.

Extended features include a list of 23 fundamental constants, illustration of the activity series of metals, metric system prefixes and a historical summary of superconducting materials.

pElement is ideal for middle school students with a strong interest in science, high school students taking chemistry classes, college students taking science and engineering classes, educators and professionals. The program provides a wealth of information on the elements and a number of software features.