pixDIF 1.0.1      

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Release Date:   2008-10-15

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista, OSX, Linux

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Software Product Description

pixDIF has two primary options.
  1. You can use it to make precise measurements on your screen.
  2. You can open an image - design comp - in it and change its opacity. You can then position it over your design implementation so that you can see where elements don't match up.

You can also use it to see how a new element might look on your website. For instance an ad placement.


  • alpha fading of the image
  • turn the image visibility off
  • create horizontal or vertical guides
  • drag the guides around
  • use the guides to measure pixel distances very precisely
  • use the arrow keys to move the guides - if it's selected/red
  • or use the arrow keys to move the image/window around on your desktop
  • hold down the shift key to move 10 pixels at a time

Requires: Adobe AIR.