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"Slow, but, full featured and quite mature editor"

by: compmend

Komodo Edit 10.1.0-17404



This is a full featured editor with syntax highlighting, auto completion, auto indentation, tab to indent a block of code, shift+tab to decrease the indent of code block.Built-in web browser and/or you can configure to use installed browsers. Directory tree to manage project files & folders. add-on support. A breadcrumb link at bottom to allow you to quickly view content of folders along folder path. And much much more.


Takes a while to load, especially the first time. It eats up about 120mb of ram on my system with a single file open, that amount increases roughly 5-10mb for each file I open. The file menu is also on the right side, which is very inconvenient and if you don't use shortcuts keys to do common file tasks it can be frustrating.

Other Thoughts:

This is a great piece of software that will get the job done and with a bit of time spent learning the features and laying out the work space the way you like it, it would be a great everyday use editor. I would recommend Brackets for those who want a lighter editor, with a lot of the same features. Brackets is still in its infancy though and simple functions like copy & paste are missing from the right-click menu.


"Yeah, a bit bloated"

by: SLK8ne

Komodo Edit 6.1.0-7212


Other Thoughts:

I haven't downloaded this yet, but, it does strike me as odd that it's so large, when a lot of its competitors are less than half as big.

@argybee ROFL!!!!!

"Slow Slow Slow"

by: Circle


Other Thoughts:

Not only is this editor fairly large for a normal editor (apparently it isn't an IDE). It also takes a long while to download... As well as that, some of the features are nerfed.

"fat as a house"

by: argybee


Other Thoughts:

31Mb ... !!??
Those Canadians must have built this out of walrus blubber

"good, but..."

by: wygit


Other Thoughts:

How hard is it to make an app that can update?
"Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To remove, go to Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel"


Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found