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"Excellent !!"

by: Aswani


Other Thoughts:

I have used it in the past. Very easy to use. Must have program.


"Best of lot"

by: IanL


Other Thoughts:

Inno setup is definitely the best for creating app set-ups. It is intuitive, and requires no coding

"Quite good..."

by: User


Other Thoughts:

Quite good installer. However, I had some problems in installing files to sub-subfolders of the directory where I install my products


by: Death Metal


Other Thoughts:

I have always enjoyed using Inno Setup ;) Such a great install maker.


by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Is easier to use than 99% of installers out there.

Just wish he had LZMA compression with solid, & perhaps something to rival the modern GUI of NSIS, and then....

Yes, & then.... This program would be king.

ORRRRR..... if NSIS made their's as easy to use as Inno....

I would take either one, if they make the changes...

by: capoenkz


Other Thoughts:

great software


by: bendodge


Other Thoughts:

This is totally amazing. It has every feature I can think of, and has a sort of Pascal script to make any features that aren't there already.

If you never done any scripting, this probably isn't for you, but it is easy to run the wizard, and then tweak it. You will soon learn to do it from scratch.

Great work! Installers look professional, and clients love them, and how fast I can make changes.

"5 deserved"

by: IanL


Other Thoughts:

this has to be the most intuitive and accomplished set-up creator. I've tried a few but Inno wins hands down!

Results: 1-8 of 8 Total Found