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"Decent program"

by: John


Other Thoughts:

- Great compression on installers
- Includes easy to use ZIP2EXE maker
- ZIP2EXE can't create program shortcuts
- ZIP2EXE can't show license or readme
- User must be an expert to create installer scripts... No point & click simple GUI included for users who just want to get it done.



by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Excellent program. Does create shortcuts & almost anything else as previous viewer stated.

However, this is through scripting, which means you must be careful not to make a mistake, especially if your package contains lots of files, or you may screw something up by leaving out some files, or not scripting things like they should be.

Add GUI to Zip2Exe would be great. Has very nice & easy GUI, but ability to at least dump shortcuts to the start menu would be nice, as well as the copy & pasteable readme.

Why not just create shortcuts to the program itself?

Here is why! By enabling the ability to dump shorcuts on the start menu, for example, Games folder, & then Tetris, Marbles, etc etc.

You could pre-created how-ever many shortcuts to your programs that you needed, use ms targets such as %programfiles%/Games/Tetris, for example, so that it would always find tetris, even if the drive letter changed.

Sounds complicated, but isn't just had to explain a reason why that would be so nice.

Great program, but really want GUI to at least have start menu shortcuts & readme ability.



by: Jesus Saves!!


Other Thoughts:

I agree that NSIS needs a graphical GUI, but Nisedit does a good job at that. If you read the ducumentation, it says it CAN create shortcuts, my setups do.

"Excellent, almost"

by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Creates really nice setup files.

Two things to improve, are:

It needs to have a graphical interface to the scripting engine.

For people that do not have the time to write all those scripts, nor worry about making mistakes.

The zip to exe function is really easy to use, but lacks the ability to include a license (sometimes you may want to use this area to list the features of programs you are installing), lacks the ability to create program shortcuts (This would be REALLY nice to have, how can people know where they installed things with no shortcuts?), lacks ability to include a website address (would be nice to have this work for either website or locations on the user pc), plus lastly would be nice to have the option to include up to 1,000 or so .exe programs in 1 setup where you can checkmark what you do or do not want to be installed (Say you got games, shouldn't people be allowed to checkmark what games they want installed?)

Good program, just needs the above looked into. If it ever has these features, no installer will be able to touch it.

"Very Good"

by: bendodge


Other Thoughts:

Great product, produces good setup files. I only give it a 4 because it has a Nullsoft credit thing you can't remove, and because Inno (free) has more features. Keep up the good work.


by: nsis


Other Thoughts:

Great installer. HM NIS Edit is a great free editor to use with NSIS

"Best installer"

by: fjolle


Other Thoughts:

This installer over-rules every commercial installer out there. Its simple to use, and very powerfull - and it creates !small! setup files. Only minus is that it doesnt come with an easy to use GUI, but i wont let that drag the rating down, as there are a few freeware gui's for NSIS wich comes with install-wizards and such.

Results: 1-7 of 7 Total Found