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by: gary


Other Thoughts:

this is a cool program just as good as guitar pro



by: TTjam


Other Thoughts:

Good Luck setting it up!
I've tried contacting Author but not able to. The donation part of his web-site is working,- I believe!
The 4 previous reveiws must be his friends.


by: ToTheMax


Other Thoughts:

I've been waiting for a program like this for a long time now. It is absolutely brilliant!!! I've been using PowerTab up to now, which is also fantastic, but TuxGuitar picks up where PowerTab left off. It plays all PT files, but has far more flexibility. Stop reading, just download... and enjoy!

"Super Hot!!!!!!"

by: ISDAMan


Other Thoughts:

I can't say enough good things about this program! This is great for those of us that are learning & those of us that are well versed in notation. This comes with a ton of great options so you need to play around with it to really get to know what you can do with it. I'll admit a few small things could be added or bettered but, you won't find anything better than this anywhere. Now, you'll be able to properly share with other musician, make exact notations of your songs, produce great midi's, and practice & learn music. You're going to love this! You should also get TrackAxPC. I wish these two would combine forces.

by: Todd


Other Thoughts:

Brilliant programme, reads guitar pro, and power tabs!

"Great Program"

by: FordMan


Other Thoughts:

This works great, I use it and my daughter uses it to it's fullest potential. Very nice program.

Results: 1-6 of 6 Total Found