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great for it is free


some paid for are better

Other Thoughts:



"A Superb Creative Writing Program!"

by: CharlieOrlando


Other Thoughts:

yWriter is an outstanding program. It has pretty much everything that an author needs to set up a writing project, develope it, and finish it successfully. The program contains numerous features to spur your creativity and assist you in the creation of your stories. In all, this is one of the very best instances of free software anywhere. Two big thumbs up to its author for (a) creating an outstanding application and, (b) making it freely available. This one is absolutely with the download -- and then some!

"Excellent free software!"

by: Plucko


Other Thoughts:

Who would want to pay for software if you can get something just as good, if not better, for free? yWriter is great freeware (!) writers software. The interface may look very plain (to be honest I think this could be improved), its features are great, especially for free software. If you want more features than Word for writing your story, yWriter is the software for you.

"Great Program"

by: Lee Jones


Other Thoughts:

When I first downloaded this program, I was disappointed, because there was no instructions, but as I started using the program, it showed itself to be a great "FREE" program. Why spend the money to buy those expensive programs when this one does as much and more. A must download for a writer at any level.

"Fantasic Writer's Program"

by: Kathy


Other Thoughts:

I can't say enough good about this program. It helps you organize characters, scenes, chapters. It has a continuous word count. A word count by deadline. Even a spell checker. If you have a problem or suggestion, just let the programer know. He usually gets back to you.

Results: 1-5 of 5 Total Found