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"What can you see?"

by: daveme7

Sysinternals Autoruns 13.82



Lots of options


Cannot see and have to use magnifying glass which gets weird at times when trying to maneuver.

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"Version x64 doesn't work."

by: valcan

Sysinternals Autoruns 13.61



I have tested Autoruns 13.61 but file x64 doesn't work with windows 7 SP1 and apdates; only version x32 is working. I suggest you advice the editor about this problem.

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"Useful program"

by: compmend

Sysinternals Autoruns 13.0



Program is portable with a well organized GUI. It makes finding and disabling/deleting items that start with your computer a breeze. I would recommend that everyone have this program in their computer repair toolkit.


The program can look a bit scary because of its many options.Someone could possibly get in a little trouble if they accidentally deleted an entry for a program they needed but, as mentioned in another comment, the program has the option to right click on an entry and search for it online first to keep from making that type of mistake.

Other Thoughts:

This is a great program that I highly recommend. I use this program sometimes on a daily basis as part of cleaning & removing viruses from other people's computers.

"v- 11.21"

by: mweizer

Autoruns 11.21



It's well-organized, portable (no install), and small It has a handy right-click feature that opens selected found run item to its registry entry location and a look up online function

Other Thoughts:

Besides the right-click option of delete, maybe it should have a do not load option with a separate section listing what user disabled;
There, user can either reinstate or delete it later

4 to 4.5

"Autoruns 9.57"

by: Razak


Other Thoughts:

A very good app/program and it does exactly what it was written for.

"very nice"

by: maha


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it working good

"Simplified Excellence"

by: Jazz


Other Thoughts:

A gift from the gods! Of course you'll screw up if you don't know what you're doing, but do all of us have to suffer safety restrictions to protect the uninformed!? If you are uncertain or afraid (too lazy?) to learn, then leave it and remain in hibernation. Anyway, if you're uninformed, you'll probably screw up Windows without the help of any 3rd party program.


by: PAK a Pooka Haka


Other Thoughts:

It is so so good.

"The Best"

by: John Smithers


Other Thoughts:

Excellent tool for sorting out problems with your computer. Many of the most popular computer help sites make use of this tool.

"The best of its kind."

by: Jedijax


Other Thoughts:

No other freeware allows the complete customization Autoruns does, and the multiple options for browsing, the detailed information on proccess, origin and folder, as well as many other data, is top notch.

I disagree with the previous reviewer, as the stability of the system is not threatened by the software itself, it is not the responsibility of the author to add/reduce options for the sake of the unknowing user. One shouldn't mess with things one doesn't understand; such is the user's responsability.

However, I do believe the reviewer's warning is quite addequeate, if only as a reminder of our own hand in the safe modification of the system.

"Does ok"

by: Bugs Bunny


Other Thoughts:

Can really screw up your pc if you don't know what you are doing.

Unticking the wrong services or startup items can cause windows to crash/not load/need a re-install.

Would be much better when they make it where you can hide all system services, so that when you make a change, you are sure it won't crap out windows.


by: stuart


Other Thoughts:

brilliant program ,as long as you have a bit of pc savvy, it can tell you a lot.

"v- 9.34"

by: mweizor


Other Thoughts:

Autoruns v9.34:
This update fixes a bug that caused Autoruns to exit immediately after finishing a scan when passed the accept eula command line argument.

I wish they'd pass this info on to Freewarefiles with program issuance
They say one can register to get updates e-mailed, but, c'mon... FF would post it.

Anywayz, great system info per program poundage (size). Well designed and with further right-click-on-entry-options.

Certainly could be used as an antivirus (malware) entry indicater, if that is the case, but more generally, a fine active system utility displayer and tool.


by: GBJ


Other Thoughts:

Like all utilities from Sysinternals, this one rocks too!


by: valcan


Other Thoughts:

Very useful tool works fine under w2k

by: Mann


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by: saintsfan


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Works great. No install ,just unpack and run.

"Oh My Go0d,"

by: Bulana


Other Thoughts:

Very good, What more I can Say, I love this program, and it's free

"Autoruns Very Good!!!"

by: BOBY


Other Thoughts:

Pequeño programa de gran utilidad para conocer todo lo que esta corriendo en tu PC y sacar lo que no quieres, con ayuda en Google...recomendado. Very Good.


by: B.Berger


Other Thoughts:

That is one powerful tool...I highly
recommend it..

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