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"Download Link"

by: Admin

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (10-18-2014)


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You can download the tool for 10-18-2014 here:

Note: This download link is updated frequently and may not work in the next few days. We will keep the link updated whenever Kaspersky updates the tool.


by: pixster

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (10-17-2014)





This is just running one around in an circule. CAN'T download.

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by: Reply To i81b4u


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Yes you can remove any program, the best of the best freeware removers can be found on this site, the name of the program is called "REVO". I used their freeware program all the time and I always use it in "Hunter Mode", there you basically drag the bullseye sign over to the icon for the program you are wanting to remove and then select your wishes, I always use the advanced and select "NO" if it asked for a restart so that the program can continue to remove the remaining files.

Hope this helps.

"the best removal tool....."

by: prat


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its the best removal tool who likes free virus removal without internet connection......

"A f@#king joke!"

by: i81b4u


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Kaspersky is like a drunken, obnoxious, loud uncle that comes to visit you then won't go away! I un-installed it but still it exists on my PC. I found a program that supposedly fully removes all kaspersky related products from my PC and ran it but after doing so my PC crashed and would not run properly after that either. It did get rid of kaspersky but I couldn't even go online after that because after doing the complete un-install there were other files removed along with kaspersky. I had no choice but to to do a full system restore to get my PC up and running smoothly again. After doing that well wouldn't you know it. Kaspersky reared it's ugly head and came back fully installed and running again. - WTF?!

Guess I must be really stupid but is there anyway possible to remove kaspersky antivirus entirely without it screwing up my PC in the process?

Please help me anyone!!

"Why v. ?!?"

by: Massor


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It's been now almost half year since Kasperky update their Removal Tool to version 2010 (v., and you still advertise it as version! Freeware Files keep up the pace! Admins not curious to download the link at least once to see what it is ?


by: John


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Forget the previous user's comments. I have XP Pro & have no problems downloading.

It is probably that she/he is either on dialup, has connection problems, or has malware causing the connection to drop.

Perhaps a corrupted windows install, or maybe they are trying to use an IE that is badly damaged.

My suggestion is to use Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or some other web browser instead of IE.

I only rated this good, because it does have a few false positives, but it is decent, however.

by: ziggy


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corrupted download files on xp do not download if you want to use disc clean up or disc defragmenter in xp.

"Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool"

by: jwils876


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Kaspersky provides the best "pay for" anti-virus, but if you don't want to spend money for computer security then you should download this tool and use it (in addition with a free anti-virus)to scan at least once a week.


by: nira


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simply best

"Corrected link"

by: tu2


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The correct link for downloading this thing is:

To uninstall/move this program "enable self-defense' must be unchecked.

"Working Links"

by: kong


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The download links have been updated.


by: Junk Buster


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Forget what the previous user said about installing it...

Link appears broken, I can't even download it!

Can't use it if you can't download it, so I rate it a 1.


by: jack alexander


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I installed this junk to test it. It won't uninstall. I consider it malware. DO NOT download or use this program(?)!


by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

Rob, go to start/control panel/add remove programs to remove it.

If you still have left-overs, go to start/run & paste this into it and hit enter: restore/rstrui

If you have system restore, it will then come up & you can go to a time before you installed it.

Good luck!

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