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by: TomSJr

Tor Browser for Windows 9.0.10



1st, let me say that to use JUST TOR, is not a good idea. Use a VPN along with Tor for the best security! TOR has an icon in its menu that allows you to CHANGE YOUR IDENTITY, which I suggested to them (I am sure others did as well) quite a few years ago. Their last versions (those versions from 1 year ago to now) incorporated this into their program. HOWEVER, when you change your identity, TOR refreshes (closes the browser and restarts it again). I DO NOT LIKE THIS.


NONE. Just try to use a VPN along with Tor and change your identity often in Tor. DOES NOT HAVE AN AUTO-TIMER TO CHANGE YOUR IP ADDRESS every so often at intervals, which it should have, but to do that, a whole lot of programming would need to be done. When changing IDENTITIES from the menu, the browser closes. IT SHOULD NOT DO THIS. None of my VPNs does this, so why should TOR? But, this great tool IS FREE, so I am not complaining, just hoping THE TOR PROJECT Engineers eventually change this ;-)

Other Thoughts:

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/I gave this software a solid 5 stars because it IS awesome and I would suggest that anyone who likes Tor as much as I do, PLEASE DONATE TO THEM so they can continue making it better! I SUPPORT THEM FINANCIALLY, OFTEN! /
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"Good TEMPorary Security"

by: Tom S

Tor for Windows 5.5



This is a very good and secure program. THIS SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DIAL-UPS because of the protocols and ports used.


Purchase a VPN if you want TRUE, long-lasting privacy without LOGS. I use PIA, but PureVPN is also a good alternative and both are very cheap.

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by: Captain

Tor for Windows 3.5.1



Free download. Big hairy deal!


I'm on dial-up so I should state this first and foremost. This application is absolutely useless and worthless to me. All it did was constantly connect and reconnect to many different sites and make loading webpages near-impossible, much less actually anonymously interacting with them!

Other Thoughts:

If you want real privacy all you need do is keep a Low Profile and ditch those Facebook and other social media sites!
That is, don't post your life history up on the Internet for the world to identify you! I think that's pretty much common sense...

Beyond that, there's way too much paranoia going on out there, with everyone using firewalls and blowing big bucks on elaborate security suites. If you're not a millionaire, nobody's going to go after Your Computer and hack You--at least as long as you don't Advertise your wealth online!

"Be Careful About Your Privacy."

by: John Q Public

Tor for Windows 2.2.33-3



Privacy is hard to protect on the internet. Tor for Windows is a useful privacy tool.



Other Thoughts:

"Some Easier Alternatives" by Corey 2008-01-10 is an interesting post because it is very likely true. Facebook and Google are not the best at protecting privacy. It is said that Google knows a little about almost everybody on earth (at least in the developed countries). Employers in the U.S. query Facebook and other social media when screening applicants for employment. There is also the mainstream companies that are used for background checks like Lexis-Nexis, WestLaw, Accurint, and others. Advanced Onion Router by Albu Cristian is worth a look.

"Best Privacy"


Tor for Windows 1.3.5



This browser its pretty sweet it helps you preserve your right to privacy as you should have.

Other Thoughts:

This browser is a little slow on start up but after that it runs smoothly depending on your ISP speed

"some easier alternatives"

by: Corey


Other Thoughts:

Tor is really good for protecting your privacy. However, for the average user, Tor is a mystery in installation and usage. So I recommend to download the XeroBank Browser (formerly Torpark), which is a Firefox with already built-in Tor. All you have to do is download and start. It works out of the box and there's no need for modifications, because it's portable. The other option is to download OperaTor, which is just the same, but built on the basis of Opera. With Tor I feel much safer when making entries on political websites. Above all, because in many countries the governments collect data profiles of citizens with different politcal views. Later in life you might have difficulties to find a job or get a lot of disadvantages when in contact with officials. They'll wreck down your life just for having another political attitude - and you won't even notice the reason, that they have collected data about you for years already.


by: The Vermin8tor


Other Thoughts:

I installed version 0.1.?? it ran foer a while,then formed 0.1.26?is obsolete..0.2 was recommended by experts.Which mozilla add on does it work with best? 'Fox tor' or 'Foxy Proxy'? Because with version 1 'Fox tor' says Tor isn't running...


by: orangevega


Other Thoughts:

The anonymous surfing works, However, you web request go through so many other peer servers. It is really slow. A normal website will take 2-3 time longer to load.


by: dctsdm


Other Thoughts:

Works fine


by: jiggle


Other Thoughts:

this program is slow like a "tor"toise. i wish it could be improved cos i like what it can do.


by: Simon


Other Thoughts:

bravo to tor for protecting surfers anonymity but why use tor when surfers have to compromise their broadband surfing to a crawl?


by: x


Other Thoughts:

As others have mentioned, Tor is junk. It's unbearably and unusably slow.

But it is a nice way for cowards to hide while they post their nonsense on Usenet.

"ok but i like jap"

by: Phantom69


Other Thoughts:

Tor is a great program when it works, however it is very slow when it does and it can be difficult and annoying to work with, however this can be simply explained by the creators aim for an extremely high rate of annonymity, however since i prefer faster alternatives i use JAP its just as good if not better.

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