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"0.9.4 beta"

by: mweizer

BleachBit 0.9.4. Beta / 0.9.3


Other Thoughts:

I guess the author(s) don't read opinions
but I'll try again:
perhaps bold font the category leader or the deletable amount or use a separation line between categories

To users I suggest: under tab Edit>Preferences,
uncheck "hide irrelevant cleaners",
check ".. update Winapp2" and I
checked "Overwrite..."

Ccleaner with same version of Winapp2 installed in its program folder and Bleachbit in its cleaners folder show basically same options but there are a few different cleaner options.

Bleachbit's System> Update Uninstall [Microsoft update copies/ software distribution] is way more thorough than Ccleaner and is quite large first run.

Perhaps some items not to routinely check are:
Microsoft Windows> Icon Cashe'
System> Prefetch and Free Disk Space

So, though it takes some time to go through its compact, monotone scan results, eventually I've grown to trust my settings


"v- 0.9.2 Beta"

by: mweizer

BleachBit 0.9.2 Beta / 0.9.1



Ok.. this is 9.2 beta (9.2- svn20=608), as the download reads. I suppose they will change it in the prog (Help> About)from 9.1 upon the final release

Other Thoughts:


For the makers;
Label the tab Edit as Options or Settings.

Categorize the results listing (and put in bold)
Put in bold the amounts to be deleted

For users:
If you already have installed, setup will uninstall old version for you but keep your settings

Under Edit> Preferences, check the box with Winapp2.ini in it -> close program -> relaunch; once you see "Winapp2 installed" , close and relaunch again.

Under Edit> preferences> Hide irrelevant cleaners,
I found a few that were relevant

Cleaner option under System, box Update Uninstallers is going to be HUGE , initially

System, box Free Disk Space, is likely to take a loooong time as it overwrites (wipes) free space on whatever drive you selected [see tab Edit> Preferences> Drive]

"To mweizer"

by: Ivehadit

BleachBit 0.9.1



Cleans many programmes others dont.


Prehaps the next update will include a cleaner for the Opera Browser Icon Folder

Other Thoughts:

I generally make it a point of reading mweizer reviews. I find them thorough and fair and without bias. And I agree with his review on the 2010-04-15. Especially the first paragraph. I to have come to trust this software it is a very thorough cleaner, cleans many programmes other cleaners dont.


by: dkjacks

BleachBit 0.8.3



version 0.8.2 was OK


0.8.3 simply stops in the middle of cleaning or analysing

Other Thoughts:

wait for 0.8.4!

"Definitely Beta, will wait for Final ?"

by: russell nx-01a

BleachBit 0.8.1 Beta 1



None. It did installed without any problems.


Missing desk icon. Poor menu display/options selection.

Other Thoughts:

Tried this util on my tester pc. Did general cleaning but wasn't impressed.
This looks like it has good potential ? Will stick with ccleaner and fcleaner until a final version is avail. and give it another try.


by: v-0.7.4


Other Thoughts:

In addition to my previous post:

Ah I see the "what's new" is now included here -- good,

the previous release installed at about 10mb, this release installs at about 6.88mb -- my mistake.

I think the scan results display needs to be easier to read (revamped)
and could use a right-click on line item exclude option, for added flexibility


by: mweizer


Other Thoughts:

This is or can be ,if so set, a very thorough, fast, secure delete cleaner.
They should have listed the updates here and it installs a bit over 10mb and it's not the most polished looking but, I grew to trust it.

The following changes have been made since 0.7.3:

* Add new privacy feature: click File - Shred Files and Quit. This removes all BleachBit settings as if you never ran BleachBit, so other people can't tell you have.
* Use EIC binary prefixes (e.g., 1KiB=1000 bytes) instead of SI binary prefixes (e.g., 1kB=1024B) because EIC is the proper standard for disk space. For more information see see Wikipedia's Binary Prefix article and Ubuntu's unit policy.
* Fix bug removing paths in preferences dialog.
* Add translation contexts for more accurate translations.
* Fix deleting files with non-ASCII names.
* Specific to Linux
o Add package for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04).
o Fix GTK+ depreciation warnings.
o Fix crash on Ubuntu (only seen on BleachBit as packaged in the Ubuntu repository).
o Remove translations from RHEL 5.0 and CentOS 5.0 because their ancient gettext version 0.14 does not support translation contexts.
* Specific to Windows
o Shrink installer by about 500 KiB.
o Clean WordPad.
o Fix Access Denied errors seen on special file types such as certain MSIE temporary files.
o Update included dependencies including SQLite.
o Fix deleting registry keys with non-ASCII file names.

Results: 1-7 of 7 Total Found