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"Not installed because..."

by: KristovSluga

OSHI Cleaner 1.1.211


Other Thoughts:

Interface is ripped mix of Comodo utilities and new Comodo IS interface.
Not installing this. Some even report of some kind of "not trusted" issue. Well,you decide.



by: mweizer

OSHI Cleaner 1.1.211



I gave it a "good" because it is: new, somewhat unique, decent and maybe they'll develop it.

Other Thoughts:

Unusual because its .exe download is non-install--the download is your desktop icon and launcher.

There are no settings
Each launch it connects to internet (checks for updates, I presume)

Disk mode scan-> all it gives is results; I don't know exact parameters
(click on arrows to itemize)

Registry mode-> must be very specific and small-- my scan took less than a second.

Program mode-> best part -- start ups, uninstalls and system restore.

The One Click thing must just delete everything it finds -- no settings /no log.

Just delete the icon to get rid of it
Except for some troubleshooting- checking tracers , I counted only two registry entries.

Results: 1-2 of 2 Total Found