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"Best free TBS game!"

by: shnbwmn

The Battle for Wesnoth 1.10


Other Thoughts:

Download is reasonable, graphics are good, many maps + classes to play, works very fast (even on old comps), lots of people in multiplayer, lots of add-ons, endless replayability, cross-platform.


"Great Game"

by: Rilian


Other Thoughts:

This game is great. The campaigns are lots of fun and the multiplayer part is pretty fun too. If you like strategy games, you will like this one.

by: Panzer


Other Thoughts:

Best game outside Panzer General and of course Panzer General 2.

"Great Game"

by: Sonic Pumpkin


Other Thoughts:

This Is Great Game, I'm Always Playing This Game. update for this game. For Stable 1.4.3 and development versions 1.5.2


by: Yuri Shibuya


Other Thoughts:

Its Cool its like ragnarok!

"TBS at it's best."

by: Lance


Other Thoughts:

There are several things that set this game apart from other turn based strategy games.

1) It is free. Yeah it is 100%free of charge.

2)It is of the fantasy genre. This means that it has awesome artwork and the fact that you level up.

3)It has a great soundtrack. It is not just the MIDI beeps that you get from most free games.

4)It is multi-player as well, though they have newer versions that you can get at and I believe they took the old one's multi-player server down.

5) It has many campaigns in itself. Not only that, you can get almost limitless add-ons made by users and the development team as well. Not to mention walktroughs availible for every official campaign scernario (also on

This is the must have TBS game. It is by far the best non-Civilization that I have ever played.

"Good Game"

by: UnknownDude


Other Thoughts:

The Battle of Wesnoth 1.2.5 was a well put game for being a completely free turn-based game. I love how your troops level up in which kept me playing the game. I did not find anything wrong with the game. This game is a must play.



Other Thoughts:

simply great!

by: TacKLeR


Other Thoughts:

have been playing on it these days, a simple yet great game!

"Good job!"

by: Zzzz


Other Thoughts:

Good job!

Results: 1-10 of 10 Total Found