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by: roy


Other Thoughts:

i have played this before, it is simply great, if you have played a game, and you only truly like the boss battles, this is the game for you, all it actually has is one boss, but it returns with more armor, different armor configurations, and weapon configurations. its also a really small download.
good when you have 1-10 minutes to spare, or if youre addicted, 15-30 minutes.


"Never in my life...."

by: Guy


Other Thoughts:

Never in my life, have I ever, played this game

"Great game"

by: matt200346


Other Thoughts:

This game is really fun. It's graphics are simple but it has an appeal the way they are done. it's a small free game and well worth the download.

"Simple - worth the download"

by: The Alien


Other Thoughts:

Simple graphics, great sound, good game play!

"Simply briliant!"

by: BladePHF


Other Thoughts:

Easy to learn, hard to master, this is one of the best games of its type.
The only things that might have made it better would have been a two-player mode and possibly a create-own-boss mode.
Get it now, you wont regret it!

"very addicting"

by: Yng63un


Other Thoughts:

I couldn't find anything wrong with this game...great graphics and the design of the boss changes depending on how you shoot it, keeping it from getting boring. Also, knowing how to program some stuff myself, I can't see how this can be so small...

This game is way better than some commercial games from the store. It's worth the download.


by: Stevo!


Other Thoughts:

this little game is simple and tough at the same time and works with a game controller. very good!


by: Coolegh


Other Thoughts:


"insanely awesome"

by: URHereIMNot


Other Thoughts:

really fast-paced and fun shooter. The control is good, it lets u aim whereever u want, in a narrow or wide range. the game is extremely fun and varied, since the chain of bosses differ depending on how u kill the first boss. the graphics could be better, but u'll be too busy and shooting to care. the sound gets repetitive. but ultimately, one THE best side-scrolling shooters out there

"Frantic Shooter"

by: pensquare


Other Thoughts:

An awesome little desktop game for when you have ten minutes to kill. Graphics are very good for such a small file.

Results: 1-10 of 10 Total Found