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by: John

Rappelz: Epic 6





It took me just under 2 hours to download. Last 2% it stalled at for over 30minutes. When i managed to download it, it didnt want to load at all.

Other Thoughts:



"To Akingboy"

by: [BOT]Fluffy


Other Thoughts:

Name a free-to-play MMORPG that doesn't have some sort of premium options with a similar production value. You can go ahead and get back to me in a decade when you get that all sorted out. Honestly, there's a lot of bandwidth involved with MMORPG's and they've gotta pay the costs somehow. You should be glad that they offer a free to play option at all.


by: Akingboy


Other Thoughts:

This is another game where you can buy stuff for REAL money. Which I hate so much...

I recommend games where you can't BUY stuff or bonuses to your ingame character. Makers of this game just think about money.

"Too good to be free"

by: Scorpion


Other Thoughts:

Best free RPG that 5 have ever played. I recommend it to anyone who loves RPG games.


by: extrap


Other Thoughts:

This is the very best free MMORPG. It is deep, beautiful, really just an overall incredible game.

"I can't believe this game is FREE!!"

by: Inkpot


Other Thoughts:! This game has GORGEOUS graphics for a free game! Not only that, but the gameplay is top-notch as well. There are no ads, no nags, and no BS. You owe it to yourself to check this one out!

"Definitely a Go-play-it!"

by: evil_khaz


Other Thoughts:

This game plays wonderfully, from how you evolve into any kind of character you want to how the game is layed out. If you want a free online game then here's your game without a doubt! they have the 3rd edition of this game at so umm go download it! it's 1.6GB's lol

Results: 1-7 of 7 Total Found